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99 Channels 400-470MHZ Rechargeable Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie TG-K4AT

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This 99 Channels 400-470MHZ Rechargeable Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie TG-K4AT is a portable, easy to use, that you can carry almost anywhere.Radio walkie talkie offers 99 channels, 400-470MHZ frequency. Radio walkie talkie supports CTCSS function and high/low power. LCD backlight function makes the best walkie talkie more convenient. The best walkie talkie is perfect for family and friends to stay in touch, whether you're tackling a back country trail or trying to brave a crowded shopping mall. Skillfully composition of the rechargeable walkie talkie gives you reliable communications for many different applications.Radio walkie talkie is ideal for use around the house, in your boat, on hunting and camping trips, on the ski slopes or at the mall.

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  • Specifications:

    • Frequency: 400-470MHZ
    • Power Output: ≤5W
    • Current: ≤1.6A/1Ah
    • Modulation Mode: 16ΦF3E
    • Maximum Frequency Deviation: ≤±5KHz
    • Maximum Distortion: ≤5%
    • Average Distortion: ≤0.75KHz ±50Hz
    • Radiation Response: ≤7μV
    • Modulation: ≤-35dB
    • Selectivity: ≥ 65dB
    • Silent Sensitivity: ≤0.25μV
    • Audio Output Power: 500mW
    • Modulation Bandwidth: ≥ ±5KHz
    • Spurious Response Rejection: ≥55db
    • Dimensions: 53 x 113 x 35mm /2.08 x 4.44 x 1.37in(L x W x H)


    • Radio walkie talkie comes with 99 channels
    • Two walkie-talkies or more than two used together
    • Radio walkie talkie supports CTCSS function
    • Switch power of the radio walkie talkie is between high and low
    • Two way radio walkie talkie has monitor and scan function
    • The best walkie talkie displays channel and frequency mode
    • Rechargeable walkie talkie features low power alarm
    • Keypad and LCD backlight function make the two way radio walkie talkie more convenient
    • Long range walkie talkies also has earphone, microphone, auto charger jack
    • The two way radio walkie talkie is a great choice for nearly any outdoor enthusiast


    QUANSHENG 99 Channels 400-470MHZ Rechargeable Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie TG-K4AT

    • Radio walkie talkie comes with 99 channels. The convenient and useful set of the rechargeable walkie talkie

    QUANSHENG 99 Channels 400-470MHZ Rechargeable Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie TG-K4AT

    • Two walkie-talkies or more than two can be used together. And the details of the best walkie talkie

    QUANSHENG 99 Channels 400-470MHZ Rechargeable Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie TG-K4AT

    • The details of the LCD screen of the radio walkie talkie. And the radio walkie talkie supports CTCSS function

    QUANSHENG 99 Channels 400-470MHZ Rechargeable Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie TG-K4AT

    • The NO keys details of the rechargeable walkie talkie. Switch power of the radio walkie talkie is between high and low

    QUANSHENG 99 Channels 400-470MHZ Rechargeable Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie TG-K4AT

    • Two way radio walkie talkie has monitor and scan function. And you can install the antenna here as the picture showing

    QUANSHENG 99 Channels 400-470MHZ Rechargeable Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie TG-K4AT

    • The best walkie talkie displays channel and frequency mode. The button details of the best and nice walkie talkie

    QUANSHENG 99 Channels 400-470MHZ Rechargeable Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie TG-K4AT

    • Different structure details of the two way radio walkie talkie. Rechargeable walkie talkie features low power alarm


    QUANSHENG 99 Channels 400-470MHZ Rechargeable Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie TG-K4AT

    QUANSHENG 99 Channels 400-470MHZ Rechargeable Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie TG-K4AT

    QUANSHENG 99 Channels 400-470MHZ Rechargeable Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie TG-K4AT

    • Two way radio walkie talkie can be used in different occasions. And it provides much convenience in life

    What is a Walkie Talkie?

    Our walkie-talkie radios have many uses in many different industries. A walkie-talkie (more formally known as a handheld transceiver) is a hand-held portable, two-way radio transceiver. The first walkie-talkies were developed for military use during World War II, and spread to public safety and eventually commercial and jobsite work after the war. Major characteristics include a half-duplex channel (only one radio transmits at a time, though any number can listen) and a push-to-talk switch that starts transmission. Typical walkie-talkies resemble a telephone handset, possibly slightly larger but still a single unit, with an antenna sticking out of the top. Where a phone's earpiece is only loud enough to be heard by the user, a walkie-talkie's built-in speaker can be heard by the user and those in his immediate vicinity. Hand-held transceivers may be used to communicate between each other, or to vehicle-mounted or base stations

    • For those of us who grew up before the 1990s may recall that no respectable private eye or detective story was complete without a walkie talkie being used while following a suspect or chasing a criminal
    • If you enjoy outdoor activities, enjoy riding your motorbike at weekends, work at a college or school, perhaps you work in a pub, club? Are you at home caring for a child perhaps? if you answered yes to any of the above then you would find a walkie talkie a very useful gadget. You may also need a walkie talkie if you move around a lot in your job. The benefit over mobile phones is that they are license free and do not have any associated call charges
    • Some walkie talkies have a wider range than the average baby monitor, if you are at home all the time and the baby is asleep upstairs and you need to visit a neighbour? Walkie talkies have a wider range and suit this situation perfectly, a "baby monitor" mode is available for some walkie talkies so you can leave one in the baby's room and take the other with you, when the baby wakes or begins to cry you will know at once
    • For the workers in the pubs or clubs, or for teachers and staff members in schools would find walkie talkies very effective and useful when communicating with colleagues. For all of these working environments emergencies can happen and responding to those emergencies could be an issue, unless you had a walkie talkie! You can clip a walktie talkie to your clothing, they are light weight and easily carried about your person
    • You can use a walkie talkie while out on youre bike and fit the earpiece into your motorcycle helmet, also available is a Push to Talk button that is mounted on the motorcycle handlebar. The range for these types of Walkie Talkies is over a mile, come rain or shine. The walkie talkie can also compete with the mobile phone market as no roaming applies to a walkie talkie so you can avoid their hefty prices

    How to Use Walkie Talkies:

    Two-way radio transceivers have come a long way since they were designed in World War II. Today walkie-talkies are commonly used for professional, recreational and even kids' use. This portable device has many features and is becoming more compact with each new design. Become familiar with some of the features and technology to use your walkie-talkie

    • Consider the purpose for your walkie-talkie before purchasing one. Determine whether you'll be using them for recreational use such as hiking, or indoor use as an intercom system like within a building. This will help guide your choice
    • Update yourself on the latest technology in walkie-talkies. Some features include; weather channels, compass device, headset models, wrist models, holsters and belt clips. Don't pay for a feature you'll never use
    • Think about the amount of distance you'll need to cover with your walkie-talkies. If it is for close range than two miles would be sufficient. If it is for five mile usage consult the appropriate authorities to license the walkie-talkies with the FCC
    • Communicate on a multi-user compatibility system. If your purpose will be to have many user's for the walkie-talkies consider a high quality and versatile radio receiver. This system is designed to eliminate the static and interference among users
    • Know whether you'll want a built in rechargeable battery pack or battery operated system. If you're planning to use the walkie-talkies away from an electrical outlet, than buy those with disposable or rechargeable batteries since the other type requires a base station to recharge
    • Learn how to scramble your voice. Messages can be decoded by a voice scrambler or Morse code to personalize your message. Some walkie-talkies have a 14 channel system with sub-channels to keep conversations private and limited to only those who have the same sub-channels
    • Watch what you're saying. Remember that others can and will hear what is being said. Keep your conversations brief and be specific. Keep personal and intimate conversations for a one on one meeting

    Two Way Radio Information:

    • Configurations: Two-way radios come in two standard configurations, Family Radio Service and General Mobile Radio Service. FRS radios operate on 1/2 watt of power and can transmit on 14 different channels. GMRS radios are higher powered, operating on 1 to 2 watts of power and transmitting on 22 different channels
    • Distance: Two-way radios are able to transmit at different distances, depending on variances such as topography, weather, obstructions and lightning. Operators can attain long distances in ideal situations, but actual distance is usually far less than the maximum claimed by manufacturers. On average, two-way radio operators can expect transmission distance to be around 2 miles
    • Batteries: Most two-way radios operate on standard AA or AAA batteries, while some models come with a rechargeable battery. Some two-way radio models enhance battery life by switching to low-power settings that kick in when long amounts of time pass between transmissions

    How to Unlock a Walkie Talkie:

    • Contact your wireless provider. Ask the representative to assist you in finding an unlock code for your walkie talkie. Confirm your full name, street address, wireless number and the last four digits of your Social Security number
    • State the walkie talkie's model number and manufacturer name. This lets your wireless provider locate the IMEI number for your specific walkie talkie. With the IMEI number, your wireless provider can give you the unlock code
    • Turn over your walkie talkie. Take off the protective cover. Remove the battery and your old SIM card. Insert the new SIM card provided by your wireless service. Place the battery back and place the protective cover back on
    • Turn on your walkie talkie. It should activate to your wireless provider's network. Enter the unlock code to get permission to use your walkie talkie

    Package Included:

    • 1 x Charger
    • 1 x Antenna
    • 1 x Hand Strap
    • 1 x Clip
    • 1 x Battery
    • 1 x User Manual

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• If the order has already been shipped; you may return the item to us postmarked within 30 calendar days of delivery. Please contact our Live Support to inform that.
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Product FAQs
  • Usually what is the range these walkie-talkie radios can cover? How the outside obstacles create problem in the network?
  • The range is not fixed. Different manufacturer offers different transmitting ranges. It can vary according to the features and quality of the walkie-talkie radio. GMRS enabled radios usually offer longer range than the other walkie-talkie radios. These ranges are not static. It will drastically reduce whenever there are some obstacles like buildings or glass made.

  • In a walkie-talkie radio, how many channels are there?
  • People seem to think that in different bands they can get different variety of channels. This idea is not true. All the products are TG-K4AT  product. That means they must have got the same qualities in them. These qualities are not the features, but these are the channels. All the PTG-K4AT radios have eight channels. In addition, all these walkie-talkie radios have 38 modules or popularly known as CTCSS 38 codes in them. Many people think these are sub channels, which is not correct. They actually screen out various radio messages when not all the radios are tuned in to same frequency. If you think there are 38x4= 304 channels then, that is wrong. The truth is there are 104 possible combinations you can have in these walkie-talkie radios.

  • Using walkie-talkie while driving?
  • The mobile phone campaign is pretty much known to us all. Everyone knows that it could be dangerous to talk over phone while driving; it can even cause fatal accidents. That is why if the traffic controller sees you talking over the mobile phone while driving the car, they will slap a penalty on you. The amount is quite high too, so that the people stop talking over phone while driving. Even if are talking on a hands free set, still you can be charged. They say that one needs to give full concentration on roads while driving to save his own life and of others.
    Does that mean one cannot even use a walkie-talkie on road while driving? Well, one can use walkie-talkie on road but not when he is driving his car. It may delay your program a bit, but it also saves you from facing distraction. There can be various distractions if one talks over phone or walkie-talkie. If the conversation is about some serious problem, he will definitely concentrate on that and the concentration will be shifted from road to the said problem. One moment of ignorance and you never know what can happen in that one moment. These are both auditory and mental types of distractions. Human mind is powerful, but it cannot divide the concentration equally on two different things at the same point of time. Everyday there are some or the other road accident news on the paper, and at least a couple of them happened because of the fact that the driver was talking over the phone while driving the car.

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