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Replacement 10.8V 4400mAh Laptop Battery PF723A PB995A for HP / COMPAQ Pavilion dv2000T / Pavilion dv2019EA

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US $42.39
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Thanks for your reviewing this Replacement 10.8V 4400mAh Laptop Battery PF723A PB995A for HP / COMPAQ Pavilion dv2000T / Pavilion dv2019EA, this HP Laptop Battery will meet your expectations.This battery has internal circuit board with chips that allow it to communicate with the notebook to monitor battery performance, output voltage and temperature. Charge up completely, even if the battery isn't fully discharged. Store easily in your carrying case so it's readily available. It also gives the notebook accurate 'fuel gauge' capability.Excellent Replacement Laptop Battery and affordable price, so what are you waiting for?
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  • Specifications:

    • Voltage: 10.8V
    • Capacity: 4400mAh
    • Dimension: Approx. 205.4 x 51.5 x 21.0 mm/8.1 x 2.1 x 0.8in(L x W x H)
    • 100% brand new and high quality battery
    • With constant running to your computer, especially when you go out to additional paying, your standard battery alone will not usually be sufficient
    • Using advanced cell technology and quality parts, it's guarantees the stamina you need for long work sessions and travel
    • Manufactured to the highest quality available and with true enhanced performance
    • This is a non-OEM product

    Compatible Part Numbers:

    411462-141 411462-251 411462-261
    411462-361 411462-421 411462-442
    417066-001 432306-001 HSTNN-DB31
    PF723A 367769-001 PB995A
    411462-321 HSTNN-IB31 HSTNN-W20C

    Compatible with:

    Pavilion dv2000T Pavilion dv2000Z Pavilion dv2001TU
    Pavilion dv2001XX Pavilion dv2002TU Pavilion dv2002TX
    Pavilion dv2003EA Pavilion dv2003TU Pavilion dv2003TX
    Pavilion dv2004TU Pavilion dv2004TX Pavilion dv2004XX
    Pavilion dv2005TU Pavilion dv2005TX Pavilion dv2005XX
    Pavilion dv2006TU Pavilion dv2006TX Pavilion dv2006XX
    Pavilion dv2007TU Pavilion dv2007TX Pavilion dv2008EA
    Pavilion dv2008TX Pavilion dv2009EA Pavilion dv2009TU
    Pavilion dv2009XX Pavilion dv2010EA Pavilion dv2010TU
    Pavilion dv2011EA Pavilion dv2011TU Pavilion dv2011TX
    Pavilion dv2012TU Pavilion dv2012TX Pavilion dv2013EA
    Pavilion dv2013TX Pavilion dv2014EA Pavilion dv2014TU
    Pavilion dv2015EA Pavilion dv2015NR Pavilion dv2015TU
    Pavilion dv2016EA Pavilion dv2016TU Pavilion dv2016TX
    Pavilion dv2017TU Pavilion dv2017TX Pavilion dv2018EA
    Pavilion dv2018TX Pavilion dv2019EA Pavilion dv2019TU
    Pavilion dv2020CA Pavilion dv2020EA Pavilion dv2020TU
    Pavilion dv2020US Pavilion dv2021TU Pavilion dv2021TX
    Pavilion dv2022US Pavilion dv2023TU Pavilion dv2024TU
    Pavilion dv2025LA Pavilion dv2025NR Pavilion dv2025TU
    Pavilion dv2026TU Pavilion dv2026TX Pavilion dv2027TU
    Pavilion dv2028EA Pavilion dv2028TU Pavilion dv2028TX
    Pavilion dv2029TU Pavilion dv2029TX Pavilion dv2030EA
    Pavilion dv2030TX Pavilion dv2031EA Pavilion dv2031TU
    Pavilion dv2032EA Pavilion dv2032TU Pavilion dv2032TX
    Pavilion dv2033TU Pavilion dv2033TX Pavilion dv2034EA
    Pavilion dv2034TX Pavilion dv2035EA Pavilion dv2035LA
    Pavilion dv2035TX Pavilion dv2035US Pavilion dv2036EA
    Pavilion dv2036TX Pavilion dv2037TU Pavilion dv2037TX
    Pavilion dv2038TU Pavilion dv2038TX Pavilion dv2039TU
    Pavilion dv2040CA Pavilion dv2040TU Pavilion dv2040TX
    Pavilion dv2041TU Pavilion dv2041TX Pavilion dv2042TU
    Pavilion dv2043TU Pavilion dv2043TX Pavilion dv2044TU
    Pavilion dv2045EA Pavilion dv2045TU Pavilion dv2046TU
    Pavilion dv2047CL Pavilion dv2047TX Pavilion dv2048TX
    Pavilion dv2050TX Pavilion dv2050US Pavilion dv2053EA
    Pavilion dv2055EA Pavilion dv2056EA Pavilion dv2057EA
    Pavilion dv2064EA Pavilion dv2065EA Pavilion dv2080EA
    Pavilion dv2082EA Pavilion dv2083EA Pavilion dv2084EA
    Pavilion dv2088XX Pavilion dv2095EA Pavilion dv2097EA
    Pavilion dv2099EA Pavilion dv2100 Pavilion dv2101au
    Pavilion dv2101tu Pavilion dv2101tx Pavilion dv2101xx
    Pavilion dv2102eu Pavilion dv2102tu Pavilion dv2102tx
    Pavilion dv2103ea Pavilion dv2103tu Pavilion dv2103tx
    Pavilion dv2104ea Pavilion dv2104eu Pavilion dv2104tu
    Pavilion dv2105ea Pavilion dv2105tu Pavilion dv2105tx
    Pavilion dv2106eu Pavilion dv2106tu Pavilion dv2106tx
    Pavilion dv2107tx Pavilion dv2108ea Pavilion dv2108tu
    Pavilion dv2109nr Pavilion dv2109tu Pavilion dv2109tx
    Pavilion dv2110tu Pavilion dv2110tx Pavilion dv2111tu
    Pavilion dv2112tu Pavilion dv2112tx Pavilion dv2113tu
    Pavilion dv2114tx Pavilion dv2115ea Pavilion dv2115tu
    Pavilion dv2116ea Pavilion dv2116tx Pavilion dv2116wm
    Pavilion dv2118la Pavilion dv2118tx Pavilion dv2119tx
    Pavilion dv2120la Pavilion dv2120tu Pavilion dv2120tx
    Pavilion dv2121tu Pavilion dv2121tx Pavilion dv2122tu
    Pavilion dv2123eu Pavilion dv2123tu Pavilion dv2123tx
    Pavilion dv2124tx Pavilion dv2125ea Pavilion dv2125la
    Pavilion dv2125tu Pavilion dv2125tx Pavilion dv2126ea
    Pavilion dv2126tx Pavilion dv2127tx Pavilion dv2128tx
    Pavilion dv2129tx Pavilion dv2130br Pavilion dv2130ea
    Pavilion dv2130us Pavilion dv2131ea Pavilion dv2131tx
    Pavilion dv2132tx Pavilion dv2133ea Pavilion dv2133tx
    Pavilion dv2134tx Pavilion dv2135br Pavilion dv2135la
    Pavilion dv2136tx Pavilion dv2137tx Pavilion dv2138tx
    Pavilion dv2139tx Pavilion dv2140br Pavilion dv2140eu
    Pavilion dv2141eu Pavilion dv2141tx Pavilion dv2142tx
    Pavilion dv2144tx Pavilion dv2145br Pavilion dv2145tx
    Pavilion dv2147ea Pavilion dv2147tx Pavilion dv2148tx
    Pavilion dv2149tx Pavilion dv2150ea Pavilion dv2150tx
    Pavilion dv2151tx Pavilion dv2152ea Pavilion dv2152tx
    Pavilion dv2154tx Pavilion dv2155tx Pavilion dv2156tx
    Pavilion dv2158tx Pavilion dv2159tx Pavilion dv2160br
    Pavilion dv2161tx Pavilion dv2164eu Pavilion dv2166eu
    Pavilion dv2171cl Pavilion dv2171ea Pavilion dv2172ea
    Pavilion dv2174cl Pavilion dv2175ea Pavilion dv2180eu
    Pavilion dv2185ea Pavilion dv2188ea Pavilion dv2190ea
    Pavilion dv2196ea Pavilion dv2197ea Pavilion dv2200
    Pavilion dv2201au Pavilion dv2201ca Pavilion dv2201tu
    Pavilion dv2201xx Pavilion dv2202au Pavilion dv2202ca
    Pavilion dv2202tx Pavilion dv2203au Pavilion dv2203tu
    Pavilion dv2204au Pavilion dv2204tu Pavilion dv2204tx
    Pavilion dv2205tu Pavilion dv2205tx Pavilion dv2206tu
    Pavilion dv2207ea Pavilion dv2207tu Pavilion dv2207tx
    Pavilion dv2208tu Pavilion dv2208tx Pavilion dv2209ea
    Pavilion dv2209tx Pavilion dv2210ea Pavilion dv2210tu
    Pavilion dv2210us Pavilion dv2211tu Pavilion dv2211tx
    Pavilion dv2212tx Pavilion dv2213ca Pavilion dv2213cl
    Pavilion dv2213tx Pavilion dv2214tu Pavilion dv2214tx
    Pavilion dv2215ea Pavilion dv2215tu Pavilion dv2215tx
    Pavilion dv2216tx Pavilion dv2217ea Pavilion dv2217tx
    Pavilion dv2218tx Pavilion dv2219tx Pavilion dv2220la
    Pavilion dv2220us Pavilion dv2221tx Pavilion dv2221us
    Pavilion dv2222la Pavilion dv2222tx Pavilion dv2223tx
    Pavilion dv2224tx Pavilion dv2225la Pavilion dv2225nr
    Pavilion dv2226ea Pavilion dv2226tx Pavilion dv2227ea
    Pavilion dv2235la Pavilion dv2240br Pavilion dv2241ea
    Pavilion dv2245br Pavilion dv2245ea Pavilion dv2246ea
    Pavilion dv2249br Pavilion dv2250br Pavilion dv2255br
    Pavilion dv2265ea Pavilion dv2267ea Pavilion dv2268ea
    Pavilion dv2276ea Pavilion dv2278ea Pavilion dv2281ea
    Pavilion dv2290ea Pavilion dv2297ea Pavilion dv2298ea
    Pavilion dv2301au Pavilion dv2301tu Pavilion dv2301tx
    Pavilion dv2302tu Pavilion dv2302tx Pavilion dv2303au
    Pavilion dv2303tx Pavilion dv2304au Pavilion dv2304tu
    Pavilion dv2305au Pavilion dv2305ea Pavilion dv2305tu
    Pavilion dv2306au Pavilion dv2306ea Pavilion dv2306tu
    Pavilion dv2307tu Pavilion dv2307tx Pavilion dv2308tu
    Pavilion dv2309tu Pavilion dv2309tx Pavilion dv2310ca
    Pavilion dv2310tx Pavilion dv2310us Pavilion dv2311tu
    Pavilion dv2312tx Pavilion dv2312us Pavilion dv2313ca
    Pavilion dv2313tx Pavilion dv2314tx Pavilion dv2315nr
    Pavilion dv2315us Pavilion dv2316tx Pavilion dv2317ca
    Pavilion dv2320la Pavilion dv2320us Pavilion dv2322la
    Pavilion dv2324ea Pavilion dv2325ea Pavilion dv2325la
    Pavilion dv2327ea Pavilion dv2335ea Pavilion dv2336ea
    Pavilion dv2348ea Pavilion dv2351ea Pavilion dv2352ea
    Pavilion dv2355ea Pavilion dv2363ea Pavilion dv2369ea
    Pavilion dv2375ea Pavilion dv2383ea Pavilion dv2384ea
    Pavilion dv2386ea Pavilion dv2395ea Pavilion dv2396ea
    Pavilion dv2401au Pavilion dv2401tu Pavilion dv2401tx
    Pavilion dv2402ca Pavilion dv2402tu Pavilion dv2402tx
    Pavilion dv2403tu Pavilion dv2403tx Pavilion dv2404au
    Pavilion dv2404tu Pavilion dv2404tx Pavilion dv2405au
    Pavilion dv2405tx Pavilion dv2406au Pavilion dv2406tu
    Pavilion dv2407tu Pavilion dv2408ca Pavilion dv2408tu
    Pavilion dv2409tu Pavilion dv2409tx Pavilion dv2410ca
    Pavilion dv2410ep Pavilion dv2410et Pavilion dv2410tx
    Pavilion dv2411tx Pavilion dv2412ca Pavilion dv2412tx
    Pavilion dv2413cl Pavilion dv2413tx Pavilion dv2414tx
    Pavilion dv2415nr Pavilion dv2415tx Pavilion dv2415us
    Pavilion dv2418ca Pavilion dv2418nr Pavilion dv2419us
    Pavilion dv2420en Pavilion dv2420et Pavilion dv2420la
    Pavilion dv2422ca Pavilion dv2422la Pavilion dv2423la
    Pavilion dv2432ca Pavilion dv2432nr Pavilion dv2440ez
    Pavilion dv2500t Pavilion dv2500tw Pavilion dv2501tu
    Pavilion dv2501xx Pavilion dv2502tu Pavilion dv2502tx
    Pavilion dv2503tx Pavilion dv2503xx Pavilion dv2504tu
    Pavilion dv2504xx Pavilion dv2505tu Pavilion dv2505tx
    Pavilion dv2506tx Pavilion dv2506xx Pavilion dv2507tu
    Pavilion dv2508tu Pavilion dv2508tx Pavilion dv2509tu
    Pavilion dv2510eb Pavilion dv2510eo Pavilion dv2510tu
    Pavilion dv2511tu Pavilion dv2511tx Pavilion dv2512tu
    Pavilion dv2513tu Pavilion dv2513tx Pavilion dv2514tu
    Pavilion dv2515ea Pavilion dv2515eo Pavilion dv2515tu
    Pavilion dv2516tu Pavilion dv2516tx Pavilion dv2517tu
    Pavilion dv2518tu Pavilion dv2518tx Pavilion dv2519ea
    Pavilion dv2519tx Pavilion dv2520ea Pavilion dv2520ee
    Pavilion dv2520tu Pavilion dv2520tx Pavilion dv2521ea
    Pavilion dv2521tu Pavilion dv2521tx Pavilion dv2522tx
    Pavilion dv2524tx Pavilion dv2525ea Pavilion dv2525ei
    Pavilion dv2525tx Pavilion dv2526tx Pavilion dv2527tx
    Pavilion dv2528tx Pavilion dv2529ea Pavilion dv2529tx
    Pavilion dv2530ee Pavilion dv2530en Pavilion dv2530er
    Pavilion dv2531ea Pavilion dv2531ee Pavilion dv2531tx
    Pavilion dv2533tx Pavilion dv2534ef Pavilion dv2535ea
    Pavilion dv2535tx Pavilion dv2536tx Pavilion dv2537tx
    Pavilion dv2539tx Pavilion dv2540ev Pavilion dv2540tx
    Pavilion dv2550ee Pavilion dv2550el Pavilion dv2550en
    Pavilion dv2551ee Pavilion dv2554ea Pavilion dv2555ea
    Pavilion dv2560ea Pavilion dv2570el Pavilion dv2570es
    Pavilion dv2580et Pavilion dv2585ep Pavilion dv2590es
    Pavilion dv2601au Pavilion dv2601tu Pavilion dv2601tx
    Pavilion dv2602au Pavilion dv2602ca Pavilion dv2602tx
    Pavilion dv2603au Pavilion dv2603tu Pavilion dv2603tx
    Pavilion dv2604tu Pavilion dv2604tx Pavilion dv2605/CT
    Pavilion dv2605tx Pavilion dv2606tu Pavilion dv2606tx
    Pavilion dv2607tx Pavilion dv2608ca Pavilion dv2608tu
    Pavilion dv2609TX Pavilion dv2609tu Pavilion dv2610ca
    Pavilion dv2610es Pavilion dv2610tu Pavilion dv2610tx
    Pavilion dv2611tu Pavilion dv2611tx Pavilion dv2612ca
    Pavilion dv2612tx Pavilion dv2613cl Pavilion dv2613tu
    Pavilion dv2614TX Pavilion dv2614tu Pavilion dv2615en
    Pavilion dv2615tu Pavilion dv2615tx Pavilion dv2615us
    Pavilion dv2617tx Pavilion dv2617us Pavilion dv2618ca
    Pavilion dv2619nr Pavilion dv2619tx Pavilion dv2620ca
    Pavilion dv2620et Pavilion dv2620tx Pavilion dv2620us
    Pavilion dv2621tx Pavilion dv2622ca Pavilion dv2622la
    Pavilion dv2623tx Pavilion dv2624la Pavilion dv2624tx
    Pavilion dv2625es Pavilion dv2625la Pavilion dv2625tx
    Pavilion dv2626tx Pavilion dv2627tx Pavilion dv2628tx
    Pavilion dv2630ea Pavilion dv2630ef Pavilion dv2630en
    Pavilion dv2630es Pavilion dv2630tx Pavilion dv2631tx
    Pavilion dv2633tx Pavilion dv2634tx Pavilion dv2635la
    Pavilion dv2636tx Pavilion dv2637tx Pavilion dv2638tx
    Pavilion dv2640ep Pavilion dv2640es Pavilion dv2640ez
    Pavilion dv2641tx Pavilion dv2642tx Pavilion dv2643tx
    Pavilion dv2644tx Pavilion dv2645er Pavilion dv2650ef
    Pavilion dv2650et Pavilion dv2660br Pavilion dv2660se
    Pavilion dv2670br Pavilion dv2670ee Pavilion dv2670en
    Pavilion dv2680eb Pavilion dv2680ee Pavilion dv2680ei
    Pavilion dv2690ee Pavilion dv2690el Pavilion dv2690en
    Pavilion dv2699ee Pavilion dv2699ef Pavilion dv2699el
    Pavilion dv2699eo Pavilion dv2699ep Pavilion dv2699es
    Pavilion dv2701tu Pavilion dv2701tx Pavilion dv2702tu
    Pavilion dv2702xx Pavilion dv2703tu Pavilion dv2703tx
    Pavilion dv2704tx Pavilion dv2705/CT Pavilion dv2705tu
    Pavilion dv2706tu Pavilion dv2706tx Pavilion dv2707tu
    Pavilion dv2708ca Pavilion dv2708tu Pavilion dv2708tx
    Pavilion dv2709tx Pavilion dv2710ca Pavilion dv2710tu
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    Pavilion dv2712tx Pavilion dv2713ca Pavilion dv2713tx
    Pavilion dv2714tx Pavilion dv2715tx Pavilion dv2716ca
    Pavilion dv2717tx Pavilion dv2718ca Pavilion dv2718tx
    Pavilion dv2719nr Pavilion dv2719tx Pavilion dv2720ef
    Pavilion dv2721tx Pavilion dv2722tx Pavilion dv2723tx
    Pavilion dv2724tx Pavilion dv2725tx Pavilion dv2726ca
    Pavilion dv2727ca Pavilion dv2727tx Pavilion dv2728ca
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    Pavilion dv2733tx Pavilion dv2734tx Pavilion dv2735tx
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    Pavilion dv2745tx Pavilion dv2746tx Pavilion dv2747tx
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    Pavilion dv2751tx Pavilion dv2752tx Pavilion dv2753tx
    Pavilion dv2756tx Pavilion dv2760es Pavilion dv2770es
    Pavilion dv2799eo Pavilion dv2800t Artist Edition Pavilion dv6000
    Pavilion dv6000Z Pavilion dv6001EA Pavilion dv6001XX
    Pavilion dv6003EA Pavilion dv6003XX Pavilion dv6004EA
    Pavilion dv6006EA Pavilion dv6007EA Pavilion dv6008EA
    Pavilion dv6010EA Pavilion dv6011EA Pavilion dv6012EA
    Pavilion dv6014EA Pavilion dv6015EA Pavilion dv6016EA
    Pavilion dv6018EA Pavilion dv6019EA Pavilion dv6020EA
    Pavilion dv6022EA Pavilion dv6023EA Pavilion dv6024EA
    Pavilion dv6040CA Pavilion dv6040US Pavilion dv6045NR
    Pavilion dv6057EA Pavilion dv6058CL Pavilion dv6058EA
    Pavilion dv6060EA Pavilion dv6061EA Pavilion dv6062EA
    Pavilion dv6064EA Pavilion dv6065EA Pavilion dv6067EA
    Pavilion dv6087EA Pavilion dv6088EA Pavilion dv6095EA
    Pavilion dv6100 Pavilion dv6100EA Pavilion dv6101EA
    Pavilion dv6101TU Pavilion dv6101TX Pavilion dv6102EA
    Pavilion dv6102OD Pavilion dv6102TX Pavilion dv6103EA
    Pavilion dv6103NR Pavilion dv6103TX Pavilion dv6104EA
    Pavilion dv6104TX Pavilion dv6105CA Pavilion dv6105EA
    Pavilion dv6105TX Pavilion dv6105US Pavilion dv6106EA
    Pavilion dv6106TX Pavilion dv6107EA Pavilion dv6107EU
    Pavilion dv6107US Pavilion dv6108EA Pavilion dv6108NR
    Pavilion dv6109EA Pavilion dv6109OM Pavilion dv6109TX
    Pavilion dv6110CA Pavilion dv6110EA Pavilion dv6110EU
    Pavilion dv6110US Pavilion dv6111EA Pavilion dv6111EU
    Pavilion dv6112EA Pavilion dv6112TX Pavilion dv6113CA
    Pavilion dv6113EU Pavilion dv6113TX Pavilion dv6113US
    Pavilion dv6114TX Pavilion dv6115CA Pavilion dv6115EA
    Pavilion dv6115TX Pavilion dv6116EA Pavilion dv6116EU
    Pavilion dv6117EU Pavilion dv6117TX Pavilion dv6118EA
    Pavilion dv6118TX Pavilion dv6119EA Pavilion dv6119EU
    Pavilion dv6119US Pavilion dv6120BR Pavilion dv6120CA
    Pavilion dv6120EU Pavilion dv6120LA Pavilion dv6120TX
    Pavilion dv6121EA Pavilion dv6121TX Pavilion dv6122EA
    Pavilion dv6123EA Pavilion dv6123EU Pavilion dv6123TX
    Pavilion dv6124EU Pavilion dv6124TX Pavilion dv6125EA
    Pavilion dv6125SE Pavilion dv6125TX Pavilion dv6126EA
    Pavilion dv6126TX Pavilion dv6127EA Pavilion dv6127EU
    Pavilion dv6128EA Pavilion dv6128EU Pavilion dv6128TX
    Pavilion dv6129EU Pavilion dv6129TX Pavilion dv6129US
    Pavilion dv6130EA Pavilion dv6130EU Pavilion dv6130TX
    Pavilion dv6131EA Pavilion dv6131EU Pavilion dv6131OD
    Pavilion dv6132EA Pavilion dv6132EU Pavilion dv6132TX
    Pavilion dv6133EU Pavilion dv6133TX Pavilion dv6134EA
    Pavilion dv6134TX Pavilion dv6135CA Pavilion dv6135EA
    Pavilion dv6135NR Pavilion dv6135TX Pavilion dv6136EA
    Pavilion dv6136TX Pavilion dv6137EA Pavilion dv6137EU
    Pavilion dv6138EA Pavilion dv6138EU Pavilion dv6138TX
    Pavilion dv6139EU Pavilion dv6139TX Pavilion dv6139US
    Pavilion dv6140EA Pavilion dv6140EU Pavilion dv6140TX
    Pavilion dv6141EA Pavilion dv6141EU Pavilion dv6141TX
    Pavilion dv6142EU Pavilion dv6142TX Pavilion dv6143EA
    Pavilion dv6144EA Pavilion dv6144EU Pavilion dv6144TX
    Pavilion dv6145EU Pavilion dv6145TX Pavilion dv6146EA
    Pavilion dv6146TX Pavilion dv6147EA Pavilion dv6147EU
    Pavilion dv6148EA Pavilion dv6148EU Pavilion dv6148TX
    Pavilion dv6149EU Pavilion dv6149TX Pavilion dv6149US
    Pavilion dv6150CA Pavilion dv6150EA Pavilion dv6150EU
    Pavilion dv6150US Pavilion dv6151EA Pavilion dv6151EU
    Pavilion dv6152EU Pavilion dv6153EA Pavilion dv6153EU
    Pavilion dv6154EU Pavilion dv6155EA Pavilion dv6155EU
    Pavilion dv6156EU Pavilion dv6157EA Pavilion dv6157EU
    Pavilion dv6158EU Pavilion dv6159EA Pavilion dv6159EU
    Pavilion dv6160EU Pavilion dv6161EA Pavilion dv6161EU
    Pavilion dv6163EA Pavilion dv6164EA Pavilion dv6165CL
    Pavilion dv6165EU Pavilion dv6166EA Pavilion dv6167EA
    Pavilion dv6169EA Pavilion dv6170EA Pavilion dv6171CL
    Pavilion dv6174CA Pavilion dv6174CL Pavilion dv6174EA
    Pavilion dv6179EA Pavilion dv6180EA Pavilion dv6181EA
    Pavilion dv6182EU Pavilion dv6183EA Pavilion dv6184EA
    Pavilion dv6185EA Pavilion dv6185EU Pavilion dv6186EA
    Pavilion dv6187EA Pavilion dv6187EU Pavilion dv6188EA
    Pavilion dv6189EA Pavilion dv6189EU Pavilion dv6190EU
    Pavilion dv6195EA Pavilion dv6195XX Pavilion dv6196EA
    Pavilion dv6197EA Pavilion dv6197XX Pavilion dv6198XX
    Pavilion dv6200EA Pavilion dv6200XX Pavilion dv6201EA
    Pavilion dv6201TU Pavilion dv6201TX Pavilion dv6202EA
    Pavilion dv6202TU Pavilion dv6202TX Pavilion dv6203EA
    Pavilion dv6203TU Pavilion dv6203TX Pavilion dv6204EA
    Pavilion dv6204TX Pavilion dv6205CA Pavilion dv6205EU
    Pavilion dv6205US Pavilion dv6206EA Pavilion dv6206TX
    Pavilion dv6207EA Pavilion dv6207TX Pavilion dv6208EA
    Pavilion dv6208TX Pavilion dv6209EU Pavilion dv6209TX
    Pavilion dv6210EA Pavilion dv6210TX Pavilion dv6211EA
    Pavilion dv6212EA Pavilion dv6212TX Pavilion dv6213CL
    Pavilion dv6213TX Pavilion dv6214EA Pavilion dv6214TX
    Pavilion dv6215EA Pavilion dv6215TX Pavilion dv6215US
    Pavilion dv6216OM Pavilion dv6216TX Pavilion dv6217EA
    Pavilion dv6218EA Pavilion dv6218TX Pavilion dv6219EA
    Pavilion dv6220EA Pavilion dv6220EU Pavilion dv6220LA
    Pavilion dv6221EA Pavilion dv6221TX Pavilion dv6222EA
    Pavilion dv6223EU Pavilion dv6223TX Pavilion dv6224TX
    Pavilion dv6225TX Pavilion dv6225US Pavilion dv6226TX
    Pavilion dv6227CL Pavilion dv6227TX Pavilion dv6228TX
    Pavilion dv6230EU Pavilion dv6231EA Pavilion dv6231EU
    Pavilion dv6233EA Pavilion dv6233SE Pavilion dv6234EA
    Pavilion dv6235EA Pavilion dv6235EU Pavilion dv6235NR
    Pavilion dv6236EA Pavilion dv6236US Pavilion dv6237EA
    Pavilion dv6239EA Pavilion dv6239EU Pavilion dv6240EA
    Pavilion dv6241EA Pavilion dv6241EU Pavilion dv6242EA
    Pavilion dv6243EA Pavilion dv6243EU Pavilion dv6244EA
    Pavilion dv6244US Pavilion dv6245CA Pavilion dv6245EA
    Pavilion dv6245US Pavilion dv6246EA Pavilion dv6246EU
    Pavilion dv6247CA Pavilion dv6247CL Pavilion dv6247EA
    Pavilion dv6248EU Pavilion dv6249EA Pavilion dv6249EU
    Pavilion dv6251EU Pavilion dv6252EU Pavilion dv6253CL
    Pavilion dv6254EA Pavilion dv6254EU Pavilion dv6255CA
    Pavilion dv6255US Pavilion dv6256EU Pavilion dv6256US
    Pavilion dv6258EU Pavilion dv6258SE Pavilion dv6259EU
    Pavilion dv6261EU Pavilion dv6262EU Pavilion dv6263CL
    Pavilion dv6263EU Pavilion dv6264EU Pavilion dv6265CA
    Pavilion dv6265EU Pavilion dv6265US Pavilion dv6266EU
    Pavilion dv6268EU Pavilion dv6269EA Pavilion dv6269EU
    Pavilion dv6271EA Pavilion dv6271EU Pavilion dv6274EA
    Pavilion dv6275EU Pavilion dv6275US Pavilion dv6276EA
    Pavilion dv6277EA Pavilion dv6278EA Pavilion dv6278EU
    Pavilion dv6281EA Pavilion dv6282EA Pavilion dv6283EU
    Pavilion dv6285EU Pavilion dv6286EA Pavilion dv6286EU
    Pavilion dv6288EA Pavilion dv6290EA Pavilion dv6291EA
    Pavilion dv6295EU Pavilion dv6296EA Pavilion dv6297EA
    Pavilion dv6299EA Pavilion dv6299XX Pavilion dv6300
    Pavilion dv6500/CT Pavilion dv6500t Pavilion dv6500z
    Pavilion dv6570us Pavilion dv6573cl Pavilion dv6600
    Pavilion dv2174ea Paviliondv2534tx Pavilion dv2602tu
    Presario dv6000T Pavilion dv2275ea Pavilion dv6124EA
    Pavilion dv2001TX Pavilion dv2282ea Pavilion dv6125OM
    Pavilion dv2002XX Pavilion dv2300 Pavilion dv6126EU
    Pavilion dv2004EA Pavilion dv2302au Pavilion dv6127TX
    Pavilion dv2005EA Pavilion dv2303tu Pavilion dv6129EA
    Pavilion dv2006EA Pavilion dv2304tx Pavilion dv6130CA
    Pavilion dv2007EA Pavilion dv2305tx Pavilion dv6130US
    Pavilion dv2008TU Pavilion dv2306tx Pavilion dv6131TX
    Pavilion dv2009TX Pavilion dv2308tx Pavilion dv6133EA
    Pavilion dv2010TX Pavilion dv2310tu Pavilion dv6134EU
    Pavilion dv2012EA Pavilion dv2311tx Pavilion dv6135EU
    Pavilion dv2013TU Pavilion dv2313cl Pavilion dv6136EU
    Pavilion dv2014TX Pavilion dv2315tx Pavilion dv6137TX
    Pavilion dv2015TX Pavilion dv2317us Pavilion dv6139EA
    Pavilion dv2017EA Pavilion dv2323ea Pavilion dv6140CA
    Pavilion dv2018TU Pavilion dv2326ea Pavilion dv6140US
    Pavilion dv2019TX Pavilion dv2344ea Pavilion dv6142EA
    Pavilion dv2020TX Pavilion dv2354ea Pavilion dv6143TX
    Pavilion dv2022TU Pavilion dv2370ea Pavilion dv6145EA
    Pavilion dv2024TX Pavilion dv2385ea Pavilion dv6146EU
    Pavilion dv2025TX Pavilion dv2400 Pavilion dv6147TX
    Pavilion dv2027TX Pavilion dv2402au Pavilion dv6149EA
    Pavilion dv2029EA Pavilion dv2403au Pavilion dv6150BR
    Pavilion dv2030TU Pavilion dv2404ca Pavilion dv6150TX
    Pavilion dv2031TX Pavilion dv2405tu Pavilion dv6152EA
    Pavilion dv2033EA Pavilion dv2406tx Pavilion dv6154EA
    Pavilion dv2034TU Pavilion dv2408tx Pavilion dv6156EA
    Pavilion dv2035TU Pavilion dv2410ef Pavilion dv6158EA
    Pavilion dv2036TU Pavilion dv2410us Pavilion dv6160EA
    Pavilion dv2037US Pavilion dv2413ca Pavilion dv6162EA
    Pavilion dv2039TX Pavilion dv2415es Pavilion dv6165EA
    Pavilion dv2040US Pavilion dv2416us Pavilion dv6168EA
    Pavilion dv2042TX Pavilion dv2420ef Pavilion dv6172EA
    Pavilion dv2044TX Pavilion dv2420us Pavilion dv6175EA
    Pavilion dv2046TX Pavilion dv2425la Pavilion dv6182EA
    Pavilion dv2049TX Pavilion dv2500 Pavilion dv6184EU
    Pavilion dv2054EA Pavilion dv2501tx Pavilion dv6186EU
    Pavilion dv2058EA Pavilion dv2503tu Pavilion dv6188EU
    Pavilion dv2081EA Pavilion dv2504tx Pavilion dv6191EU
    Pavilion dv2085EA Pavilion dv2506tu Pavilion dv6196XX
    Pavilion dv2098EA Pavilion dv2507tx Pavilion dv6200
    Pavilion dv2101eu Pavilion dv2509tx Pavilion dv6201EU
    Pavilion dv2102au Pavilion dv2510tx Pavilion dv6202EU
    Pavilion dv2103au Pavilion dv2512tx Pavilion dv6203EU
    Pavilion dv2104au Pavilion dv2514tx Pavilion dv6204EU
    Pavilion dv2104tx Pavilion dv2515tx Pavilion dv6205TX
    Pavilion dv2106ea Pavilion dv2517tx Pavilion dv6206US
    Pavilion dv2107tu Pavilion dv2519tu Pavilion dv6208NR
    Pavilion dv2108tx Pavilion dv2520en Pavilion dv6209US
    Pavilion dv2110eu Pavilion dv2521ee Pavilion dv6211TX
    Pavilion dv2111tx Pavilion dv2523tx Pavilion dv6213EA
    Pavilion dv2113tx Pavilion dv2525en Pavilion dv6215CA
    Pavilion dv2115tx Pavilion dv2528ea Pavilion dv6216EA
    Pavilion dv2117tx Pavilion dv2530ea Pavilion dv6217TX
    Pavilion dv2120ca Pavilion dv2530tx Pavilion dv6219TX
    Pavilion dv2120us Pavilion dv2532tx Pavilion dv6220TX
    Pavilion dv2122tx Pavilion dv2535la Pavilion dv6222TX
    Pavilion dv2124tu Pavilion dv2538tx Pavilion dv6225EU
    Pavilion dv2125nr Pavilion dv2545ef Pavilion dv6226US
    Pavilion dv2126tu Pavilion dv2550se Pavilion dv6230EA
    Pavilion dv2129ea Pavilion dv2555ez Pavilion dv6232EA
    Pavilion dv2130tx Pavilion dv2580eo Pavilion dv6235CA
    Pavilion dv2132ea Pavilion dv2600 Pavilion dv6235US
    Pavilion dv2134ea Pavilion dv2601xx Pavilion dv6238EA
    Pavilion dv2135tx Pavilion dv2602xx Pavilion dv6240EU
    Pavilion dv2138xx Pavilion dv2604au Pavilion dv6242EU
    Pavilion dv2140tx Pavilion dv2605tu Pavilion dv6244EU
    Pavilion dv2143tx Pavilion dv2607tu Pavilion dv6245EU
    Pavilion dv2146tx Pavilion dv2608tx Pavilion dv6246US
    Pavilion dv2149ea Pavilion dv2610ef Pavilion dv6248EA
    Pavilion dv2151ea Pavilion dv2610us Pavilion dv6250EU
    Pavilion dv2153tx Pavilion dv2612tu Pavilion dv6253EU
    Pavilion dv2157tx Pavilion dv2613tx Pavilion dv6255EU
    Pavilion dv2160tx Pavilion dv2615nr Pavilion dv6257EU
    Pavilion dv2171ca Pavilion dv2616tx Pavilion dv6260EU
    Pavilion dv2173ea Pavilion dv2618tx Pavilion dv6263EA
    Pavilion dv2184ea Pavilion dv2620ea Pavilion dv6265EA
    Pavilion dv2195eu Pavilion dv2621la Pavilion dv6267EU
    Pavilion dv2200ea Pavilion dv2622tx Pavilion dv6270EU
    Pavilion dv2201tx Pavilion dv2625eo Pavilion dv6275EA
    Pavilion dv2202tu Pavilion dv2626la Pavilion dv6276EU
    Pavilion dv2203tx Pavilion dv2629tx Pavilion dv6280EA
    Pavilion dv2205ea Pavilion dv2630eo Pavilion dv6284EU
    Pavilion dv2206tx Pavilion dv2632tx Pavilion dv6287EU
    Pavilion dv2208ea Pavilion dv2635tx Pavilion dv6292EA
    Pavilion dv2209tu Pavilion dv2639tx Pavilion dv6298EA
    Pavilion dv2210tx Pavilion dv2640tx Pavilion dv6500
    Pavilion dv2212tu Pavilion dv2644ef Pavilion dv6560us
    Pavilion dv2213tu Pavilion dv2650es Pavilion dv6700/CT
    Pavilion dv2214us Pavilion dv2665br Pavilion dv2715nr
    Pavilion dv2216ea Pavilion dv2675eo Pavilion dv6097EA
    Pavilion dv2218tu Pavilion dv2680en Pavilion dv6101EU
    Pavilion dv2220tx Pavilion dv2699ea Pavilion dv6102EU
    Pavilion dv2222ea Pavilion dv2699en Pavilion dv6103EU
    Pavilion dv2224ea Pavilion dv2700 Pavilion dv6104EU
    Pavilion dv2225tx Pavilion dv2702tx Pavilion dv6105EU
    Pavilion dv2227tx Pavilion dv2704tu Pavilion dv6106EU
    Pavilion dv2244ea Pavilion dv2705tx Pavilion dv6107TX
    Pavilion dv2247br Pavilion dv2707tx Pavilion dv6108TX
    Pavilion dv2260br Pavilion dv2709tu Pavilion dv6110BR
    Pavilion dv2750tx Pavilion dv2710tx Pavilion dv6110TX
    Pavilion dv2754tx Pavilion dv2712tu Pavilion dv6111TX
    Pavilion dv2799ef Pavilion dv2714ca Pavilion dv6113EA
    Pavilion dv6000T Pavilion dv2716tx Pavilion dv6114EA
    Pavilion dv6002XX Pavilion dv2718us Pavilion dv6115EU
    Pavilion dv6005EA Pavilion dv2720tx Pavilion dv6116TX
    Pavilion dv6009EA Pavilion dv2724ca Pavilion dv6118EU
    Pavilion dv6013EA Pavilion dv2726tx Pavilion dv6119TX
    Pavilion dv6017EA Pavilion dv2728tx Pavilion dv6120EA
    Pavilion dv6021EA Pavilion dv2732tx Pavilion dv6120US
    Pavilion dv6025EA Pavilion dv2736tx Pavilion dv6122TX
    Pavilion dv6054EA Pavilion dv2739tx Pavilion dv6063EA
    Pavilion dv6059EA Pavilion dv2742se Pavilion dv6086EA
    Pavilion dv2748tx Pavilion dv2745se  


    Morpin Replacement 10.8V 4400mAh Laptop Battery PF723A PB995A for HP / COMPAQ Pavilion dv2000T / Pavilion dv2019EA

    Laptop Battery

    • Replacement Laptop Battery store easily in your carrying case so it's readily available, charge up completely, even if the battery isn't fully discharged

    Replacement Laptop Battery

    HP Laptop Batter

    • This HP Laptop Battery has internal circuit board with chips that allow it to communicate with the notebook to monitor battery performance, output voltage and temperature

    5 Tips to Extend Your Laptop Battery's Life:

    • Keep your laptop battery cool. Batteries degrade more quickly when they're hot. That means you should keep vents clear - don't put your laptop on a fluffy pillow or a cushioned surface that will cover vents and trap heat
    • Don't pack your laptop away in a backpack or other enclosed space when the battery is still warm, trapping the heat. A battery that's frequently hot to the touch will lose life a lot faster than a battery that isn't constantly being stressed. Worst of all: If your laptop crashes or refuses to shut off properly, the battery can get extremely hot when packed away in your bag. Check it to make sure it hasn't gotten dangerously hot while stowed away over the weekend
    • Don't charge your laptop constantly. If you only occasionally take your laptop away from a power outlet, but leave it plugged in to charge 24/7, you're leaving your laptop in a state of perpetual charge at the 100% point - and that is bad for the battery's long-time health
    • If you tend to use your laptop mainly at your desk, exercise your laptop battery by running it down and recharging it once or (even better) twice a month
    • Alternately, you might want to physically remove the laptop battery if you're using the laptop at your desk for long stretches of time. If you do remove it, don't store it in a fully charged or depleted state. It's best to store it in the middle - between 40 and 50 percent of full charge


    • Don't modify or disassemble the battery
    • Don't incinerate or expose battery to excessive heat, which may result in an exposure
    • Don't expose battery to water or other moist matters
    • Don't pierce, hit, step on, crush or abuse the battery
    • Don't left the battery unused for a long time
    • Don't place battery in device for a long period of time if device is not being used
    • Don't setting your battery in the high humidity, high temperature, strong vibrative and dusty place
    • Don't forget to take away your battery from the device if you will not use it for a long time
    • Don't short circuit of the terminals by keeping your battery pack away from metal objects such as necklaces or hairpins

    Methods to Extend the Life of Your Laptop Battery:

    • According to statistics, a typical laptop battery lastd long for 500 charges / discharges cycles. If you want to your laptop battery last longer than this number, remove the battery whenever your laptop is plugged into an outlet. If you leave it in, the AC power could cause the battery to overheat and overcharge
    • When you running on battery power, use your machine until you get a low - battery warning, then let your battery recharge fully. In this way, you can maximize the number of recharges
    • Also, keep in mind that keep your laptop and battery in cool, dry, and well - ventilated locations. Hot environment might minimize the battery lifetime
    • Do not run your laptop on "Standby" mode when you not using the laptop . Because "Standby" mode slowly consumes the power while your laptop is "off". Instead, using "Hibernate" mode. "Hibernate" mode preserves the laptop's current state by writing it to the hard drive as a file, which requires no power. When you restart the system, "Hibernate" loads the file, returning you to where you left off

    How to Charge Laptop Battery for the First Time:

    • Insert the battery into the battery slot of your laptop if it didn't come with the battery already inserted. This slot is typically located on the underside or back of your laptop
    • Plug your laptop into a power source and allow the battery to charge to 100%. Most laptop batteries come discharged, or empty, and should be fully charged before use. Sometimes the battery indicator will show 100% after only a few minutes. If this happens, turn your computer off, remove the battery and attempt to charge the battery again
    • Discharge the battery fully. Simply turn your computer on and disconnect the power source. Don't turn it off until the battery is completely discharged. Allow the laptop to shut down by itself
    • Recharge your battery fully again. After the battery is fully charged, it has been calibrated once
    • Repeat the calibration process two or three more times. Your laptop battery is now charged correctly

    5 Tips to Prolong Laptop Battery Life:

    • Tip number one for prolonging the battery life of your laptop's battery is to defrag your computer
    • Tip number two in the 5 tips to prolong laptop battery life is to simply think about what is going on behind the scenes while you are typing or clicking around. It is easy to forget about programs that you have opened previously that are running in the background
    • Tip number three in the 5 tips to prolong laptop battery life is to take care of your battery. Many people do not think about the battery as it sits inside of their laptop. However, by taking just a little bit of time to clean and maintain it, you can greatly extend its life
    • Tip number four in the 5 tips to prolong laptop battery life is to keep in mind if you really need to use Wi-Fi all of the time
    • Tip number five and the final tip in the 5 tips to prolong laptop battery life is to think about temperature. It really does make a difference

    How to Test a Laptop Battery?

    Testing a laptop battery allows you to determine if it has any remaining charge. The best way to test a battery is to connect it to a laptop and turn the unit on. However, there are several other ways to determine if your laptop battery has any charge.

    • Test your laptop battery with a test light. Check the test light first to make sure it works. Connect the light to a metal ground source. Check the test light on a battery that you know works. If the test light glows, it's good. Place the light's test end into the battery's positive port. If the light glows, your battery is good
    • Check your laptop battery with a battery tester. Put one end of the tester in the battery's positive port, and the other in a negative port. The tester will read how much life is in the battery, if any
    • Hook your laptop battery up to a multimeter. Follow the process in Step 2 to connect the meter and determine how much charge is left in the battery. Most multimeters are electronic, but some have gauges that move to a certain point
    • Place the laptop battery on a battery charger. These are mostly used for cars. Battery chargers generally indicate if a battery is good, bad or needs a charge

    How to Recondition a Laptop Battery?

    Like all rechargeable battery packs, laptop batteries eventually lose their ability to hold a full charge. Although it's not possible to make a battery pack perform like new again (unless the cells are replaced), it is possible to improve cell performance by reconditioning or calibrating some laptop battery packs.

    • Insert the battery into the laptop. Plug the laptop in and allow the battery to fully charge (the battery indicator light turns off on most laptops when the battery is completely charged). Restart the computer.
    • Disable hibernation temporarily. In Windows XP for example, click "Start" in the task bar, then click on "Control Panel," and then "Power Options." Select the "Hibernate" tab then uncheck "Enable Hibernation." Click "OK" to save the settings
    • Discharge the battery. In Windows XP for example, click on "Control Panel," "Performance and Maintenance," "Power Options," and then "Power Schemes." Make a note of the settings under the "Plugged In" and "Running on Batteries" columns so you can reset them later
    • Set all six options to "Never" from the drop-down lists. Click "OK" to save the settings and disable power management
    • Unplug the laptop, but do not turn it off. Run the laptop until the battery is completely discharged (the Power/Standby light will blink) and the laptop shuts down
    • Plug the laptop back in, allow it to fully charge again, then restart the computer. Enable hibernation (reverse step two), then enter your original performance settings in "Power Schemes" (see step three)

    Package Included:

    • 1 x Replacement 10.8V 4400mAh Laptop Battery for hp/COMPAQ Pavilion dv2000T/Pavilion dv2019EA

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Bought this item on


Great battery for the price
00:00:00 05-20-2011
This worked well as a replacement battery for my hp. And the price can't be beat. My old battery wasn't holding a charge, and I didn't want to pay the almost $100 through hp. I found this one, it fit perfectly, and it is working great.
Was this review helpful?
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Nancy Wilson

Bought this item on


From 0 to Hero! Amazing
00:00:00 05-16-2011
This is a great product and we have had NO issues with it... A Great product.
Was this review helpful?
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Ahmad Y. Saleh

Bought this item on


Great Battery
00:00:00 05-13-2011
Got it about six weeks ago for my hp, fits perfectly, holds a charge well, reasonable price. <br/>I wouldn't ask for more.
Was this review helpful?
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Bought this item on


Great secondary battery
00:00:00 05-09-2011
This was a great purchase. As a college student, I used my laptop all the time and when the battery was not holding a charge for as long as I needed it to, this battery worked perfectly for me. I was able to order it and receive it in a timely manner and get on with my semester.
Was this review helpful?
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Bought this item on


Great :)
00:00:00 05-07-2011
This is a great battery i have had it for about a month now and its working great. IT fits wonderful and all it was a good price way cheaper then what hp is charging and im sure it works
Was this review helpful?
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G. Herald

Bought this item on


Great battery, great price
00:00:00 05-05-2011
The battery that came with my HP only held a two hour charge...I plugged this one in, charged it up and it had a 4.5 hour battery life! Great price! You could buy several of these for the cost of one on the hp website! This will be my main battery and the original has become the backup. In fact, I will probably buy another one of these and with two I can use my computer all the way to Europe!...if I fly non-stop!
Was this review helpful?
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Cross Sargent

Bought this item on


Laptop Battery
00:00:00 05-15-2009
The battery arrived in a timely manner and at a MUCH BETTER cost than from hp. So far it has worked well and I have great battery usage. <br/>Will definitely use this resource again...worth the money.
Was this review helpful?
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Brian Edwards

Bought this item on


15:43:00 05-13-2009
It does stick out from the bottom of the laptop as other reviewers have noted but it is not an issue for me at all. <br/>This battery gets my full approval!!!
Was this review helpful?
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