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Jaguar 3-Channel Remote Control Airplane Model

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Do you like the good looking expert RC airplanes, but you think you are not ready for it yet? Try the new RC airplane from the Jaguar 3-Channel Remote Control Airplane Model. The radio controlled model airplanes with up to 955mm/37.5in wingspan makes the 3CH electric RC airplane can glider in the sky for long time. Powerful motor powered by 8.4V 650mAh Battery which offers up to 15 Minutes fly duration time to the RC model airplanes. The 3CH RC model airplanes constructions are made of a new type of high-composite EPS Poly foam material which features light-weight and high-strength. The electric RC airplanes with sophisticated aviation technology and the advanced aerodynamic design offer you superior stability, smooth flight, sense of direction, strong, lightweight and flexible. And the fancy and expert looks RC model airplanes for the decoration from home to your office with easy.
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Bolf Jaguar 3-Channel Remote Control Airplane Model
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USD$ 68.69
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Product Description

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  • Features:

    • Material: EPS Polyfoam
    • Color: Green
    • Radio Control Range: 500m/1640.4ft
    • Ultimate Flying Height: 300m/984.2ft
    • Radio Controlled Model Airplanes Continuous Flying Time: 15Minutes
    • Electric RC Airplanes Power Source: 8.4V 650mAh Battery


    • Tough material stand and empennage make the RC model Airplanes more durable for long time playing
    • These incredible creative RC model airplanes are made of lightweight and super tough material
    • All you need are batteries to start it and then hunt out to have fun with this creative RC model airplanes 
    • Vivid designing gives you a sense of controlling or driving a real air plane with this toy
    • You don't need to worry about breaking anything when landing these RC model airplanes because its' tough material
    • This is also a good present for your children and friends, fans of creative toys


    Bolf Jaguar 3-Channel Remote Control Airplane Model

    • Vivid Jaguar airplane shape and sound bring you more fun
    • Powerful motor powered by 8.4V 650mAh Battery which offers up to 15 Minutes fly duration time to the RC model airplanes

    RC Model Airplanes 

    • You will feel great when you play with these vivid RC model airplanes
    • The radio controlled model airplanes with up to 955mm/37.5in wingspan makes the 3CH electric RC airplane can glider in the sky for long time

    Radio Controlled Model Airplanes 

    • This sensitive remote control can be used as a charger for your airplane 
    • Powerful engines design generates enough lift power for your airplane

    Electric RC Airplane

    •  And the fancy and expert looks RC model airplanes for the decoration from home to your office with easy

    Size in Detail: 

    Bolf Jaguar 3-Channel Remote Control Airplane Model

    RC Airplane Game: Limbo Flying

            RC Model Airplanes

    • This limbo flying game involves setting up a limo bar, under which you attempt a low-level pass. It's a fairly basic set-up, but try and use light weight plastic or bamboo canes for the frame- metal ones will do damage to an off-target airplane
    • Don't make the bar too low to begin with, and keep it as wide as possible. As you get better at flying underneath the bar, lower it but keep the width constant-unless you are felling really confident

    RC Airplane Game: Spot Landing

           Radio Controlled Model Airplanes

    • This spot landing game is a true test of skill! Using a brightly colored tape or ribbon, lay out three concentric circles within your usual landing area. Make the outer circle fairly large, say 10ft. in diameter, then lay out the other two within this one, say at 6ft. and 3ft. diameters
    • Allocate a set number of points to each circle eg 5 for landing within the 10′ one, 15 for landing within the 6′ one and 25 for landing within the 3′one. Let each pilot have one practice landing, then 3 landings counting the score from each. The score is taken from whichever circle the wheels touch down in first

    RC Airplane Game: Follow the Leader

           Electric RC Airplane

    • This 'follow the leader' RC airplane game, also called pursuit, take at least two RC airplanes; the more the merrier, but too many gets a bit hectic
    • Tie a good length (say, 15ft.) of a crepe-paper type material to the rear end of one of the airplanes. Yep, you guessed it, this is the leader
    • Let the leader take off safely, then the other pilots have to fly their models after the lead, trying to cut the streamer with their propellers! This isn't as easy as it might sound, but if you are that good and you catch the streamer regularly, don't let it get too short. Let the leader land and replace it with another long length

     RC Airplane Game: Burst the Balloon
            Bolf Jaguar 3-Channel Remote Control Airplane Model

    • This is just a variation on the above game, but balloons are tied to the leader plane instead of ribbon. As with 'follow the leader', let the lead airplane take off and have the other planes chase it around the sky, trying to burst the balloons with their props
    • So there you have for simple-but-fun RC airplane games with which to hone your skills. If you are playing these in a public area, remember where you are! Don't become so absorbed with playing the games that you forget about safety issues

    Tips of the RC airplane:

    • Understanding your RC airplane controls, or indeed the controls of any RC model, is very important for you to do some homework. It can help save more money from crash and enjoy the fullest fun of your models. Always take a bit of time to understand how your new RC airplane, helicopter or vehicle is operating; you'll get much more out of the hobby than just moving the transmitter sticks and watching the model change direction

    The airplane control surface:

    • For an airplane to be controllable, control surfaces are necessary. The 4 main surfaces are ailerons, elevator, rudder and flaps as shown below:

            RC Model Airplanes

    • When the airplane is on forward flight it will rotate around each axis (axis - the blue dashed lines in the picture above) when movement to any control surface is made by the pilot. The table below shows the appropriate actions   



    Controlled by:










    • The following sections explain how each control surface affects the airplane


            Radio Controlled Model Airplanes

    • Located on the trailing edge (rear) of the wing, the ailerons control the airplane's roll about its longitudinal axis. Each aileron moves at the same time but in opposite directions For example when the left aileron moves up, the right aileron moves down and vice versa
    • This movement causes a slight decrease in lift on the wingtip with the upward moving aileron, while the opposite wingtip experiences a slight increase in lift. Because of this subtle change in lift, the airplane is forced to roll in the appropriate direction ie when the pilot moves the stick left, the left aileron will rise and the airplane will roll left in response to the change in lift on each wing
    • The ailerons are controlled by a left/right movement of the control stick, or 'yoke'


            Electric RC Airplane

    • The rudder is located on the back edge of the vertical stabilizer, or fin, and is controlled by 2 pedals at the pilot's feet. When you push the left pedal, the rudders move to the left. The air flowing over the fin now pushes harder against the left side of the rudder, forcing the nose of the airplane to yaw round to the left


            Bolf Jaguar 3-Channel Remote Control Airplane Model

    • The elevators are located on the rear half of the tail plane, or horizontal stabilizer. Like the ailerons, they cause a subtle change in lift when movement is applied which raises or lowers the tail surface accordingly. In addition, air hitting deflected elevators does so in the same way as it hits the rudder with exaggerated effect that forces the airplane to tilt upwards or downwards
    • Moving the elevator up (pulling back on the yoke) will cause the airplane to pitch its nose up and climb, while moving them down (pushing forward on the yoke) will cause the airplane to pitch the nose down and dive. Elevators are linked directly to each other, so work in unison unlike ailerons


            RC Model Airplanes

    • Flaps are located on the trailing edge of each wing, between the fuselage and the ailerons, and extend outward and downward from the wing when put into use
    • The purpose of the flaps is to generate more lift at slower airspeed, which enables the airplane to fly at a greatly reduced speed with a lower risk of stalling. When extend further flaps also generate more drag which slows the airplane down much faster than just reducing throttle power
    • Although the risk of stalling is always present, an airplane has to be flying very slowly to stall when flaps are in use at, for example, 10 degrees deflection
    • So all these factors are why and how airplanes fly. Radio control model airplanes can of course be simpler - for example, just have rudder and elevator control or perhaps just rudder and motor control. But the same fundamental principles always apply to all airplanes, regardless of size, shape and design

    Package Included:

    • 1 x RC Airplane Model
    • 1 x Remote Control
    • 1 x Battery
    • 1 x Charger
    • 1 x A Set of Stickers
    • 1 x A Set of Accessories

Customers' Reviews

  ( 16 Reviews)
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I have bought this product

Paul Murphy

Bought this item on

00:00:00 04-16-2011 Cool! Overall:  
  • Other Thoughts: I always wanted to learn how to fly an RC plane. I bought other RC planes that were supposed to be for begginers, but I always ended up crashing them. The great advantage about this plane is that it is really light, so it flies really slow and smooth. I don't believe you'll find a better plane if you are a begginer and want to start flying RC planes.

Was this review helpful?

Jenn Crawford

Bought this item on

00:00:00 03-25-2011 Charming! Overall:  
  • Other Thoughts: Every time I go out with it, someone will approach me and talk to me about it. It's so much fun to own this in the city as in virtually any park there's enough room to fly.

Was this review helpful?

John H. Gardner

Bought this item on

00:00:00 03-18-2011 Great little airplane! Overall:  
  • Other Thoughts: Great little airplane! Just got it today, charged it up, and within 30 minutes from opening the box, I was flying. There was a slight breeze, and at first the controls were took a little getting used to, but within a few minutes I mastered level flight and was doing simple circles, loops and figure eights. Had a couple of hard landings, but the plane is so durable, I just shook off the grass and tossed it back in the air. I highly recommend this rc airplane for all first timers. Easy to fly! Worth the money!

Was this review helpful?

Carole Van Camp

Bought this item on

00:00:00 03-04-2011 Nice! Overall:  
  • Other Thoughts: This airplane is fantastic, I make inverted flights whit it and it flight with wind. This is the major airplane rc that I saw

Was this review helpful?

Robbin Gouldc

Bought this item on

00:00:00 02-18-2011 Great Fun! Overall:  
  • Other Thoughts: Me and my brother have ordered over 10 remote control planes over the since Christmas 2 months ago. All the expensive big planes cost over $200..and some over $100. This plane has been the most fun do to how easy it is to control and how its 100% put together when you open the box. We have put so many planes together and they never work 100%. And end up crashing very soon after we buy them. If your looking for a very fun remote control plane that is cheap with price and works GREAT ..then this is the plane i promise.

Was this review helpful?

James Duran

Bought this item on

00:00:00 02-11-2011 Easy to Fly! Overall:  
  • Other Thoughts: I love this plane! I have had it for 3 weeks and fly it daily wind or no wind. It is harder to fly in the wind but I believe it will make a better pilot of you. I have crashed it over a hundred times and have had it stuck in a few trees. Sometimes it breaks and other times it don't. Either way this plane is very easy to fix! This is my very first plane and believe it has been an awesome starter plane.

Was this review helpful?

Breonna Somervelle

Bought this item on

00:00:00 01-30-2011 Awesome! Overall:  
  • Other Thoughts: The plane is easy to fly and really fun. However, it is stable when there is NO wind. Not sure about all the other comments about how well it performs in the wind but I did not have the same experience. Due to the large wing, flying into the wind will lift the plane.

Was this review helpful?

Dena Connell

Bought this item on

00:00:00 01-20-2011 Awesome! Overall:  
  • Other Thoughts: This is my first plane. <br/>I bought it with additional battery. But for a first time I used only one and it was more than I need. <br/>It was a little bit windy. And after the subsequent fall from an amazing height the tail was broken. <br/>I don't know how long it was but it was quite long with only one battery and it is not completely discharged. <br/>This plane is able to easily do the inside loops. But cannot do rolls. <br/>Read the instruction manual before flight. You should turn RC first then install the battery to the plane.

Was this review helpful?

Maria Hernandez

Bought this item on

00:00:00 01-03-2011 Amazing RC Model Airplanes! Overall:  
  • Other Thoughts: The products arrived quickly. I felt the instruction and packaging were great. The company was also quick to respond to my feedback regarding the additional equipment required to use the product.

Was this review helpful?

Richard Hung

Bought this item on

00:00:00 11-26-2010 Easy Control RC Model Airplanes! Overall:  
  • Other Thoughts: Very easy controlling RC airplane, but not so satisfy the painting, not fully replicate the air force one. The engine very powerful, and the light just like the reality airplane!

Was this review helpful?

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