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C3542-1000KV Brushless Motor for RC Airplane & Helicopter

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The brushless electric motor is a machine designed to take electrical energy and generates mechanical motion via varying electromagnetic fields in your RC boats, so it is very environmental protective and power saving. This is an EC C3542-1000KV brushless electric motor for RC helicopters. The EC C3542-1000KV brushless electric motor is built from the best materials available and it is designed to provide both quality and performance at an affordable price. These parts are then gold anodized to provide a beautiful, long-lasting finish. The RC brushless motor used in machines are popular style which making a motor that is virtually impossible to burn up in normal use.This RC Helicopter Electric Brushless Motor performs good and make it possible to have a long time of flying fun. Don't hesitate, just get your orders today!
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  • Specifications:

    • Kv:1000rmp/v
    • Power: 555W
    • Wire Winds: 6
    • Resistance: 53ohm
    • Idle Current: 1.8A
    • ESC: 45A
    • Cells Ni-Cd/Ni-MH:6-12
    • Cells Li-Po: 2-4
    • Prop: 10 X 6/ 11 X 5/ 13 X 8
    • Motor Size:35 X 42mm/ 1.38 x 1.65in(Dia. x L)
    • Shaft: 4mm/0.16in(Dia.)


    • Quiet, lightweight operation brushless electric motor
    • Easily accepts the gearing brushless electric motor
    • The RC brushless motor is convenient for your RC helicopter to use
    • Easy to use brushless electric motor
    • Electric brushless motor is a 100% new high speed brushless motor
    • Best materials is designed to provide both quality and performance at an affordable price


    EC EC C3542-1000KV Brushless Motor for RC Airplane & Helicopter

    • Quiet, lightweight operation brushless electric motor

    Brushless Electric Motor

    • Easily accepts the gearing brushless electric motor

    RC Brushless Motor

    • The RC brushless motor is convenient for your RC helicopter to use

    Electric Brushless Moto

    • Easy to use brushless electric motor

    EC EC C3542-1000KV Brushless Motor for RC Airplane & Helicopter

    • Electric brushless motor is a 100% new high speed brushless motor

    Brushless Electric Motor

    • Best materials is designed to provide both quality and performance 

    Size in Detail:

    RC Brushless Motor

    Electric Motor Principles:

    • The conversion form of electric motor principle is to take electrical energy into mechanical energy. A free-hanging wire was dipped into a pool of mercury on which a permanent magnet was placed. When a current was passed through the wire, the wire rotated around the magnet, showing that the current gave rise to a close circular magnetic field around the wire. This motor is often demonstrated in school physics classes, but brine(salt water) is sometimes used in place of the toxic mercury. This is the simplest form of a class of devices called homopolar motors
    • Later there is a refinement called "electromagnetic self-rotors". These were demonstration devices only, unsuited to practical applications due to their primitive construction. Started experimenting with devices called "electromagnetic self-rotors". Although they were used only for instructional purposes, the first device was demonstrated to contain the three main components of practical direct currentmotors: the stator, rotor and commutator. The device employed no permanent magnets, as the magnetic fields of both the stationary and revolving components were produced solely by the currents flowing through their windings

    How Does a DC Motor Work?

    DC Motor Basics:

    • DC motors are in countless consumer electronic devices from CD players to computers to radio-controlled airplanes. There are many different kinds of DC motors, but they all work on the same principle. They turn current into pulses of magnetism, which they use to turn a rotor. There are many different kinds of electric m

    Brushed DC Motors:

    • Brushed DC Motors have two coils of wire around a rotor in the middle. Surrounding the coil are two magnets, both facing in the same direction. When the coils are facing the magnets, electricity flows into them. When electricity flows into a coil, it creates a magnetic field, and this magnetic field pushes the coils away from their magnets. As the rotor turns, the current shuts off. When the rotor has turned 180 degrees, each rotor faces the opposite magnet. The coils turn on again, this time with the electricity flowing in the opposite direction. This creates another pulse, pushing the rotor around again. The rotor has electric contacts on it, and there are small metal brushes that bump against the contacts. The brushes send in electricity, turning the motor on and off at the right times

    Brushless DC Motors:

    • Brushed motors work reasonably well, but they have a few drawbacks. The brushes create friction, slowing the motor and wasting energy. They also wear out. The brushes corrode or get worn away by friction from the rotor. Brushless motors solve both of these problems. A brushless motor has a permanent magnet on the inside of the rotor, facing so that its north and south poles are perpendicular to the axis of rotation. Around the rotor are coils. The coils work much like they do in a brushed motor. They give out timed pulses to push the magnet, spinning the rotor. Because there are no brushes, however, the motor can't control itself. Instead, it is attached to an electronic speed controller, which gives pulses of electricity at a certain speed to control the motor. The faster the coils pulse, the faster the motor will spin

    Comparison of Motor Types:

    Electric Brushless Moto

    EC EC C3542-1000KV Brushless Motor for RC Airplane & HelicopterBrushless Electric Motor

    Brushless DC motors' Advantages over Conventional Motors:

    • Compared to AC fans using shaded-pole motors, they are very efficient, running much cooler than the equivalent AC motors. This cool operation leads to much-improved life of the fan's bearings
    • Without a commutator to wear out, the life of a DC brushless motor can be significantly longer compared to a DC motor using brushes and a commutator. Commutation also tends to cause a great deal of electrical and RF noise; without a commutator or brushes, a brushless motor may be used in electrically sensitive devices like audio equipment or computers
    • The same Hall effect sensors that provide the commutation can also provide a convenient tachometer signal for closed-loop control (servo-controlled) applications. In fans, the tachometer signal can be used to derive a "fan OK" signal
    • The motor can be easily synchronized to an internal or external clock, leading to precise speed control.
    • Brushless motors have no chance of sparking, unlike brushed motors, making them better suited to environments with volatile chemicals and fuels. Also, sparking generates ozone which can accumulate in poorly ventilated buildings risking harm to occupants' health
    • Brushless motors are usually used in small equipment such as computers and are generally used to get rid of unwanted heat
    • They are also very quiet motors which is an advantage if being used in equipment that is affected by vibrations
    • Modern DC brushless motors range in power from a fraction of a watt to many kilowatts. Larger brushless motors up to about 100 kW rating are used in electric vehicles. They also find significant use in high-performance electric model aircraft


    RC Brushless Motor

    • Motors must be using with good ventilation, which is easy to emanate heat
    • Data is based on the using of Li-ploy battery, the max power is the max distance of controller
    • If you use any other oars which don't include in the instruction, it must conform to required load current, otherwise, the motor will be damaged
    • Motors should be placed far from the scrap iron to avoid damage
    • Don't put the motors close to the magnetic things (such as magnetic card, credit card and other magnetic certificates), otherwise, it would cause much trouble (more than 10cm is safe distance)

    How to Choose a Motor for Electric RC Planes

    RC planes use a motor and remote control to fly. When selecting a motor for the RC electric plane, it is important to select the appropriate motor for the plane and preferred flight style. Besides selecting a motor that fits the plane, the motor must meet the appropriate power needs of the plane

    Electric Brushless Moto

    • Read up on the two types of electric motors for RC planes: brushless and brushed. The motors function in a similar manner but the moving and stationary parts are slightly different. The main advantages of brushless motors are a longer flight time and less friction and there are no brushes to replace. Brushes require more care and cleaning and create some friction but brushed motors are easier to install in the plane. Before selecting the motor, it is important to know all of the pros and cons of these two types of motors. This will help determine which type suits your personal needs and wants
    • Check the plane manual to see if it recommends specific motors. Use comparable motors when purchasing a brand that is different from the recommended motor. Comparable motors should match the size, power and abilities of the recommended motor
    • Buy a motor that is compatible with the battery. LiPo batteries are used with RC planes
    • Check the maximum current and power on the motor specifications. The motor has a maximum current and power that it can manage before it starts to break. If the motor specifications do not match the necessary current and power requirements of the plane, the motor is not appropriate for the plane

    Package Included:

    • 1 x EC C3542-1000KV Brushless Motor for RC Airplane & Helicopter
    • 1 x Accessory

Customers' Reviews

  ( 9 Reviews)
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Bought this item on

00:00:00 05-10-2011 Excelent Overall:  
  • Other Thoughts: This RC helicopter motor is excelent for the price. It is very stable and responds to controls quicky. What is nice there are parts available in case of extreme wipeout. Very well built. Would recomend to anyone.

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J.B. Preston

Bought this item on

00:00:00 12-08-2010 Fun Brushless Electric Motor! Overall:  
  • Other Thoughts: Great EC C3542-1000KV electric brushless motors. They work as well as expected and burn out as fast as expected. Have fun with them. Love them.

Was this review helpful?

DnM Imports

Bought this item on

00:00:00 11-23-2010 Easy use Electric Brushless Motor! Overall:  
  • Other Thoughts: To busy putting someone down and getting lost in his own explanation, clueless at what it's all about.

Was this review helpful?

Jongkook Park

Bought this item on

00:00:00 10-19-2010 Brushless Electric Motor! Overall:  
  • Other Thoughts: Today I was looking at the RC helicopter motors you sugested and man the RC brushless motors are what the doctor ordered. Even if I was not an electrician I think I could undersatnd this. <br/>Thanks again.

Was this review helpful?

Stephen Guest

Bought this item on

00:00:00 09-14-2010 Fabulous Brushless Electric Motor! Overall:  
  • Other Thoughts: i want to get my RC helicopter going like 100+ and i saw a video ov the worlds fastest RC helicopter going 120mph and the person who posted it said that they were using a brushless electric motor. what kind of motor is capible ov doing this? Outrunner or Inrunner? After i saw the description, i had a more clear idea and this brushless electric motor is my choice.

Was this review helpful?

Malanie Shashika

Bought this item on

00:00:00 07-20-2010 Stuning Brushless Electric Motor! Overall:  
  • Other Thoughts: These motors are better than a thousand pinecones combined! You'll need a soldering kit to get it wired up correctly. Pay attention to which motor leads go to which wires. The wires in the tail have a slightly different color because one has a thin insulation which must be burned off before soldering. There are good tutorials on doing this online. Don't go it alone. <br/> <br/>But yeah, the motor itself is way better than ten or 7 magical donkeys.

Was this review helpful?

John Silber

Bought this item on

00:00:00 05-18-2010 Amazing Electric Brushless Motor! Overall:  
  • Other Thoughts: The durability issue is that the top balancing post has this plastic cap that connects it to the rotor shaft which is not strong enough to withstand a hard crash, and it has nothing to protect or cushion it. That pivot point right where it connects to the metal shaft is under a lot of initial torque and then spins at a high velocity, and when your heli yaws and tips too far, it goes down, and that bar strikes the ground pretty hard and can break. I've been able to repair it a bunch of times with super glue, but I wish they'd made it aluminum or even a tiny brass piece and charged the extra 5 bucks. If anyone finds a replacement, let me know!

Was this review helpful?

Sean L'Huillier

Bought this item on

00:00:00 03-17-2010 Cool RC Brushless Motor! Overall:  
  • Other Thoughts: Even though I'm criticizing the durability, I'd still recommend this to anyone who's mastered the RC helicopters and is looking for the next cheap thrill. <br/> <br/>Overall, I found this pretty easy to control and a bus-load of fun. You want to start out in a much larger space than you did with the RC helicopter. As soon as you pitch this forward, it's going to be challenging to get back under control again. A gymnasium or big conference room would be great. The conference room with a table is nice because you can rest your controller on the table and fly it pretty close to the table, risking less if it falls.

Was this review helpful?

Janine Conway

Bought this item on

00:00:00 02-22-2010 Worthy Brushless Electric Motor! Overall:  
  • Other Thoughts: I agree with everything that guy said about this being able to speed up the helicopter. I'm going to recommend this to everyone and anyone who likes RC helicopters. <br/> <br/>This, combined with the durability material, just saved me thousands of dollars on an expensive speed up machine, not to mention space savings. <br/> <br/>I was leery to buy this since it's so cheap.

Was this review helpful?

Product FAQs
  • How does a brushless motor work?
  • Brushless DC Motor uses electronic component such as Transistor or Thyristor to alter the current. Brushless DC motor has longer life and less noise. It works so good. 

  • What is a brushless motor?
  • There are two main types of DC motors: brushed and brushless. A brushed motor has mechanical contact between a rotating shaft and the power source in order to make the motor operate. These contacts, or brushes, tend to wear out over time. A brushless motor has no mechanical contact and thus extremely long life.

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