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Wireless Behind-Ear Design Hearing Aid F139

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US $13.69
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  • Super mini size, light weight & easy to wear.
  • The noise reduction and speech preservation system can filter out unwanted background noise.
Every time when you see the hearing loss impairment, what will you think about? Can you feel that they are hard to communicate with others? Why not help them? We have prepared many useful products for those people. The Behind the Ear Hearing Aids F139 is the best gifts for those who have mild hearing difficulties. Behind the Ear Hearing Aids are really amazing that they are able to pick up even the softest sound in a certain environment almost like a stethoscope being held up to everything. Being exquisitely made, the wireless hearing aids is sure to provide you a better listening when you are in church, movies or other public occasions. Besides, such hearing aid devices also enable you to enjoy your TV watching and game playing more than before. It is simple to use that you only need to adjust the volume up and down according to your own needs before you finally get the most comfortable sound. Adding unique design, the behind the ear hearing aids can be your best choice!
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Powertone Wireless Behind-Ear Design Hearing Aid F139
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  • Specifications:

    • Dimensions: 53 x 44 x 10mm / 1.59 x1.32 x 0.30" (L x W x H)
    • Frequency Range: 450Hz~3800Hz
    • Battery Type: AG13 battery
    • Working Current: <8mA
    • Working Voltage: 1.5V
    • Input Noise: ≤30 dB
    • Harmonic Wave Distortion: f<1000Hz≤15% / F>1000Hz≤10


    • Behind the ear wireless hearing aids
    • Easy to carry
    • Mini size, low noise
    • Help people with hearing impairment to hear sound and voice
    • Advanced Contrast Noise manager reduces background noise, this hearing aid makes speech easier to understand
    • The behind the ear hearing aids are compatible with moderate hearing impairment
    • The behind the ear hearing aids enable you to hear more clearly in restaurants, parties and other public places
    • Reasonably priced behind the ear hearing aids have a simple elegant ergonomic design that makes this kind of hearing aid devices comfortable for wearing around the ear
    • Battery and earplugs included


    Powertone Wireless Behind-Ear Design Hearing Aid F139

    • Mini size, low noise behind the ear hearing aids

    Behind the Ear Hearing Aids

    • Help people with hearing impairment to hear sound and voice

    Wireless Hearing Aids

    • Behind the Ear Hearing aids details

    Hearing Aid Device
    Powertone Wireless Behind-Ear Design Hearing Aid F139

    Size in Detail:

    Behind the Ear Hearing Aids

    Different Types of Hearing Aids:

    Wireless Hearing Aids
    Hearing Aid Device

    • For people with hearing loss, if they first have to be treated or the operation is proved to be invalid, a hearing aid is available after the lesion is completely stable. In the case of the recent deaf or in the active stage, it will be decided one year after the condition is stable, but for hearing impaired people of slow genetic disorders, they shall be careful in using a hearing aid, and had better use it under guidance of hearing audiologists
    • Ears serious externa, otitis media, double plane pyorrhea than are not completely atresia gas guide, can consider to use hearing the bone. Other kinds of deafness in gas guide hearing aid patients
    • Before choose a hearing aid, a pure tone hearing test shall be made, and then choose an appropriate one based on the audiogram. For patients with sensorineural hearing loss, they should be tested on the threshold function to determine language favorable effect
    • Hearing aid users should try the hearing aid for 2-3 weeks. This allows the deaf to repeatedly adjust all control buttons under the guidance of specialized personnel, and a most suitable hearing aid may lead to a satisfactory result
    • If permitted, patients with a hearing loss of less than 90dB, they shall first use BTE or inside type hearing aid, but for those with a hearing loss of more than 90dB, they are recommended to use the BTE type, and patients with very severe hearing loss can be embedded with an electronic cochlear implant through a surgery
    • Generally, only one hearing aid is possible to solve the hearing problems, but using two hearing aid is permitted according to different conditions or personal reference
    • For babies and kids, they are recommended to use the high power hearing aid before they are 2 ~ 3 years old

    What else Choosing Elements about the Heading Aid:

    Powertone Wireless Behind-Ear Design Hearing Aid F139

    • Consider the electronics associated with your hearing aid: Hearing aids can be either analog or digital. Both types of hearing aids will amplify sound, but the digital style converts sound to data, amplifies it, then converts back to analog
      • The analog style simply amplifies sound
      • Digital hearing aids are more precise and more popular. In fact, many companies are stopping production of analog models to focus on the digital brands. If possible, you should choose a digital model
    • Compare the features of different hearing aids: Beyond style, there are a number of features that a hearing aid may have. Be sure to talk to an audiologist about which ones are necessary for your unique situation. Some examples of hearing aid features are:
      • Multiple programs, or memories, which allow the user to program several different settings for the hearing aid. For example, users will need different settings for a crowded party and a quiet night at home
      • Noise reduction, which reduces the amount of background noise so that the user can focus on the person talking
      • Directional microphones, which help to differentiate background noise from speech
      • Feedback cancellation, which eliminates whistling or screeching sounds
    • Ask About What's Included in the Price: While the cost of a hearing aid will undoubtedly play a role in your decision, it's important to understand what the price a company quotes you includes. Most importantly, make sure that the price includes creating a mold that fits in your ear precisely, as well as the cost of making adjustments should you find the hearing aid uncomfortable

    How to Clean a Hearing Aid?

    Hearing aids and earmolds need a regular cleaning to keep them in top working condition. Earmolds and tubing must be kept free of wax and debris to ensure optimal hearing results. A simple hearing aid kit will help you maintain your hearing aid and keep all the components in working condition. Read on to learn how to clean a hearing aid

    Cleaning the Hearing Aid:

    • Purchase a wax pick and brush from your audiologist or hearing aid supplier. Sometimes these are included with the purchase of your hearing aid
    • Remove the hearing aid from your ear
    • Examine the earmold for accumulated wax. If there is wax on the earmold, remove the wax with the wax pick
    • Clean the outside of the hearing aid with a soft cloth
    • Remove the battery. Using the brush, clean the battery compartment by brushing gently
    • Return the battery to the hearing aid. Close the casement. Use the hearing aid as you normally would

    Cleaning an Earmold:

    • Purchase a hearing aid cleaning kit from your audiologist or a hearing aid supplier. A kit should contain a wax pick, brush and a blower. Sometimes these are included with the purchase of your hearing aid.
    • Remove the hearing aid from your ear
    • Examine the earmold for accumulated wax. If there is wax on the earmold, remove the wax with the ear pick
    • Remove the earmold from the ear hook on the hearing aid by locating the end of the earmold tube where it connects with the ear hook. Twist the tubing and pull gently to remove
    • Clean the earmold in soapy water and rinse with clean water
    • Place the blower on the end of the tube and squeeze. This will force the water out of the tube. Dry overnight. Connect the earmold back on to hearing aid
    • Remove the battery. Using the brush, clean the battery compartment by brushing gently
    • Return the battery to the hearing aid. Close the casement. Use the hearing aid as you normally would

    How Does a Hearing Aid Work?

    • Detect Sound: The first thing that hearing aids do is detect sound. The sound comes in through the hearing aid much like the sound comes in through your telephone. Basically, the hearing aid is equipped with a microphone that picks up the surrounding sound waves
    • The Circuit: The circuit of a hearing aid is what does all the work. The circuit takes the sound and deciphers it. It has been programmed with software that knows exactly what to do with the incoming sound. It knows how to change the sound to either amplify it so that you can hear it or reduce the sound for things you don't need to hear. For example, the circuit knows to make the background noise softer. It also knows how to reduce loud noises such as the noises you would find on a busy highway. A circuit can even take classical music and enhance it so that you can distinguish each instrument
    • Receiver: The receiver takes the finished conversion of the sound from the circuit and delivers it to your inner ear. This allows you to hear sounds, conversations and even music that you weren't able to hear before. The receiver is kind of like the delivery person. They picked up the information for you, translated it, and then dropped it off
    • Battery: The battery is essential. Without the battery the circuit would have no power to do its job. There would be no translation of sound and the individual would be left hearing the same as before you put the hearing aid in. It is recommended that an extra battery be purchased and kept on hand in case the current battery runs out. This way you are never without one of your most important senses-your hearing

    How to Care Your Hearing Aid:

    • Never wear hearing aids when you take a shower, go swimming or in the rain without anything to cover your head. Moisture is known to cause damage to hearing aids. Although there may be situations in which moisture damage is unavoidable, it is often almost always preventable
    • Find out from your audiologist how your hearing aids need to be cleaned internally. It really will really depend on the specific hearing aid model that you have chosen. Although you can find basic information online about how to do it, you should not attempt to clean a hearing aid internally until you have asked your audiologist about how to do it
    • Never forget to clean your hearing aids externally. You will do this by wiping off the hearing aids. A dry tissue or soft cloth are the best things to use. The best time to clean the exterior of your hearing aids is in the morning. The reason that you will want to wipe your hearing aids off every day is to get rid of any wax or oils from your body that may have collected on the outside of the hearing aids
    • Clean the ear mold of the hearing aid. The best time to do this is at night. All that you need to do is wipe it off with a dry tissue or soft cloth. Keep in mind that ear molds need to be matched up to the correct hearing aid, so it is best to only clean one at a time. Sometimes, you may find that wax or oils enter the ear mold of the hearing aid. If you have any questions about how to clean the ear mold, ask the audiologist
    • Ask your audiologist about a Dry and Store, if they do not recommend that you get one. It is known to be one of the best ways to keep hearing aids protected from wax and moisture in the air. A Dry and Store is definitely something that you will want to purchase in addition to your hearing aids

    Why the Hearing Aid can't Work or the Sound is not Clear?

    • Whether the switch is open
    • If the battery in the correct installation position
    • Whether there have electricity batteries
    • Whether the batteries storehouse is closed
    • Whether earplug is choking
    • Whether the earphone or the wire is broken
    • The battery voltage is insufficient or the earphone is broken


    Behind the Ear Hearing Aids

    • When not using it for a long time, please remove the battery to avoid erosion of a hearing aid
    • Periodically clean earplugs or ear molds in order to ensure the normal use of hearing aids
    • Choose the right size of earplugs 

    Package Included:

    • 1 x Behind The Ear Hearing Aid
    • 1 x User Manual
    • 1 x Warranty Card
    • 1 x Packaging Box

Customers' Reviews

  ( 11 Reviews)
Ease Of Use:

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I have bought this product


from (Knoxville, TN)

Bought this item on

10:49:55 10-25-2013 Best for less Overall:  
  • Pros: A good quality hearing Aid that is easy to use and easy to change batteries. Uses an A13 which lasts for a few days but they are cheap. (50 for about $8) Gain control, on off switch. Has better gain and less noise than others I have tried. The only caution is don't make a habit of switching ear to ear as the small wires can get twisted and break. Mine lasted a year. Now I know better.
  • Other Thoughts: None!

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from (Greece)

Bought this item on

19:08:16 03-27-2013 Good!! Overall:  
  • Pros: I got this hearing Aid for my grandmother.Works fine,but it is a bit difficult for to her to get used of it.It is very nice that it has another battery .Will order again
  • Cons: no
  • Other Thoughts: None!

Was this review helpful?

20 DinoPoint gained for this post


from (Port Elizabeth, South Africa)

Bought this item on

14:52:32 02-14-2013 Excellent product at an excellent price Overall:  
  • Pros: A absolute miniscule fraction of what the medical proffesionals are asking for such products
  • Cons: Sound is a bit on the loud side but i assume can be set relatively easily
  • Other Thoughts: Bought this for my dad as his hearing has been going for quite sometime, he actually had a pair prescribed by his doctor which cost an absolute fortune, he lost them and this was the cheapest alternative. He's pretty impressed and for that reason so am well spent!!!

Was this review helpful?

20 DinoPoint gained for this post

Brett Stewart

Bought this item on

00:00:00 11-11-2010 Without Noise Overall:  
  • Other Thoughts: I was amazed with this behind the ear hearing aid when I receiving it. The wireless hearing aid worked well without noise.

Was this review helpful?

Keegan Barrett

Bought this item on

00:00:00 10-27-2010 Satisfy this Shopping Overall:  
  • Other Thoughts: My mother has the moderate hearing loss. I buy the behind the ear aids for her. Then, my mother wears it everyday and can talk with us normally. So I satisfy this shopping on the line experience.

Was this review helpful?

J.B. Preston

Bought this item on

00:00:00 10-19-2010 works well Overall:  
  • Other Thoughts: This hearing aid works well for hard of hearing when watching TV etc.

Was this review helpful?

Icie Stringfellow

Bought this item on

00:00:00 05-31-2010 Amazing sound and value Overall:  
  • Other Thoughts: My dad need help hearing in his left ear, I bought this one for him. It significantly increases the volume. For him this hearing aid is a God sent blessing. It does exactly what it needs to do for him.

Was this review helpful?


Bought this item on

00:00:00 05-31-2010 Easy to use Overall:  
  • Other Thoughts: My grandmother is old, hearing is not very good, previously bought her hearing aids always didn't work. My dad bought this one for her to try instead. Setup was less than five minutes, and now her hears everything clearly. she jokes that things are too clear.

Was this review helpful?

dana Roest

Bought this item on

00:00:00 05-29-2010 Works great Overall:  
  • Other Thoughts: I received this product the day before yesterday and was frankly amazed at its capabilities. Advanced contrast noise manager reduces background noise making speech easier to understand. I love it so much!

Was this review helpful?

Natalie Jacobi

Bought this item on

00:00:00 05-06-2010 A new life for me Overall:  
  • Other Thoughts: I had been gradually losing my hearing, so I I bought it and put it on, and could hear again. The hearing aid did a fine job. Thanks for the quality of my life back.

Was this review helpful?

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