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Popular Interesting Outdoor Ball Hampers Kids Play Tent

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To makes your baby have fun in both indoor and outdoor, this kids play house tent is what you need!The fun and exciting graphics along with the kids play tent design will provide adventure and fun for hours. The kids play house tent is created with durable soft and colorful materials, durable and reliable for long time use. The kids play house tent features folding technology, allows for instant setup and easy storage. Lightweight and portable for easy play anywhere. Great item for your kids, have fun with it!
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  • Specifications:

    • The fun and exciting graphics along with the tent design will provide adventure and fun for hours
    • Created with durable soft and colorful materials
    • Lightweight and portable for easy play anywhere
    • Fold technology allows for instant setup and easy storage
    • Promotes imaginative play and strengthens creativity in kids
    • This kids play house tent will last for many years of play and excitement
    • The kids play house tent is ideal portable play tent for your child
    • Material: Cloth(Tent) & & Steel Wire(Support)
    • Size: 98 x 98 x 115cm/38.6 x 38.6 x 45.3(L x W x H)


    Popular Interesting Outdoor Ball Hampers Kids Play Tent

    Kids Play House

    • The kids play house tent features folding technology, allows for instant setup and easy storage

    Play House Tent

    Kids Play Ten

    • Made of high quality material, the kids play tent will last for many years of play and excitement


    • This tent is suitable for children above 6 months old.

    How to Build a Play Tent?

    Popular Interesting Outdoor Ball Hampers Kids Play Tent

    Draping bedclothes over furniture to make a cozy, private space appeals to children. They can make a fort or play tent all by themselves. A tent offers a sense of accomplishment, triggers the imagination and lets children play hide-and-seek or pretend they are on the frontier. A child also can play alone in a tent he makes by reading quietly with a flashlight.

    • Put one edge of a sheet or blanket on top of a table and place couch cushions over it to keep it in place.
    • Stretch the other side of the sheet or blanket to another piece of furniture such as a couch or end table and place more cushions on it to hold it in place. Now you have the roof of your tent. You can also use the tabletop as part of the roof.
    • Put the edge of another sheet or blanket under the same cushions and use it to continue the top of the tent to the next piece of furniture.
    • Make the sides of the tent by putting the edge of a sheet or blanket under a cushion and letting it hang down to the floor. You can weight the end of the sheet or blanket with books on the floor or let it hang freely.
    • Place blankets on the floor inside the tent. Put pillows there as well to make the tent comfortable. Make up games while you are in your tent.

    How to Make a Play Tent & Tunnel?

    Children are imaginative. Building a play tent will give your children their own space to let their imaginations go wild. Build each child his own tent or create a tent city. Have a campout and read together using flashlights. Crawl inside a tunnel and draw pictures or tell stories. Building play tents is an activity the whole family will enjoy, and it uses materials you probably have on hand. There are many possibilities, so be creative.

    Kids Play House

    • Couch Tent
    • Move the couch so the back is not against a wall.
    • Throw a sheet or blanket over the back of the couch.
    • Pull out the ends of the blanket that are resting on the ground so it creates a tunnel-like tent.
    • Secure the ends of the blanket using stacks of books.
    • Line the inside of the tent with blankets and pillows to make it a comfortable place for your kids to play.
    • Clothesline Tent
    • Drape a sheet over a clothesline so the same amount of fabric hangs down on each side.
    • Secure the sheet to the clothesline with clothespins.
    • Pull one side of the sheet toward you and secure it to the ground by placing a heavy rock on each corner of the sheet.
    • Pull the other side of the sheet toward you and secure the corners with heavy rocks.
    • Place blankets and pillows inside the tent.
    • Table Tent
    • Move chairs away from the table.
    • Drape a blanket over the table.
    • Pull the edges of the blanket toward you and secure them with a pile of books or a heavy object.
    • Line the floor under the table with blankets and pillows.
    • Tape plain white paper to the floor so the kids can draw pictures.

    Games to Play in a Tent

    When you go camping there is always a chance that it will rain at least one of the days. All is not lost, however. You can play a few games in your tent while you are waiting for the rain to subside. You may want to bring a couple of small games from home, including a deck of cards. A pencil and some paper are also useful.

    Play House Tent

    • Celebrity Guessing Game
    • Have one person think of a famous celebrity that all of the others present are sure to know about. The other participants ask the designated person a yes or no question about the celebrity. After each question a guess can be made. If the guess is correct, that person wins. If it is incorrect it becomes the person to the left's turn to ask a question. The game continues until the celebrity has been correctly identified. Give each participant a chance to come up with a celebrity.
    • Cards
    • Break out a deck of cards and play a good old fashion game of "Go Fish." Pass out five cards to each player. Each player should remove any pairs that they have in their hand. Allow the youngest player to go first and ask for one of the cards in his hand from one of the other participants. If that person has the card, she must fork it over. If not, she must say, "Go Fish." The youngest player must then take a card from the deck. The game continues with the players taking turns until all of the matches have been made. The family member with the most matches wins.
    • Thumb War
    • Thumb war is a fun game to play when you forgot to bring your games along on your camping trip. Two participants lock hands by curling their fingers around each other, being sure to leave the thumbs sticking straight up. Then they chant "one, two, three, four, let's have a thumb war." After that, each player must try to pin the other player's thumb down using only his own thumb. Once the thumb is pinned, the player must count to three. If the thumb is still pinned after three seconds that player wins. If the thumb wriggles free, the game continues until someone's thumb does get pinned for three seconds.
    • Hangman
    • Get out a sheet of paper and a pencil. Choose someone to be the creator. The creator must come up with a famous phrase, product, or person and then draw one line to represent each letter of this famous phrase, product or person. The creator can then draw a large number one with the tip of the one being where a man will be hung if the phrase is not guessed before five wrong letters are chosen. Give each participant a turn in guessing a letter. If the letter is in the phrase then the creator should write it in. If not, then the first part of the man should be drawn. This would be the man's head. Next, the body. After that the legs and then the arms. Finish off the man with a head of hair. Once the hair has been drawn the game is over and the creator can reveal what the phrase was. The game is won when someone guesses the phrase before the fifth wrong letter.

    How to Play Tent for Girls

    A play tent provides children with private, kid-sized space either indoors or in the backyard. You can create a simple and economical play tent using materials you already have at home plus some imagination. Or you can choose an elaborate themed play tent replete with doors, flags and windows. Play tents are not just for boys--you can give your little girl a play tent experience as well.

    Kids Play Ten

    • Choose a theme for the play tent. Consult your daughter to find out what ideas excite her imagination at this stage. Some girls love fairies or butterflies, others may have less gender-traditional concepts of fun. For example, your little girl may want to pretend she is a nature explorer, a pirate or a princess. Design your tent accordingly.
    • Decide whether to purchase a tent or create your own. Like many decisions, this involves assessing your budget, your schedule and your skills. You can price tents at local stores or online. Most play tents range in price from $28 to $60. If you have the time and some artistic ability, and especially if you think your daughter would enjoy participating in the project, consider making a tent at home.
    • Place the tent somewhere to create a fun playroom for your child. Think about where it will go inside the house or in the yard. Consider space issues and balance your child's desire for privacy with your ability to keep a watch to ensure safety. Avoid placing a tent too close to a stove indoors or near a barbecue grill outdoors. Keep the tent out of the usual walking paths so family members coming in and out won't interrupt playtime.
    • Think of games your child can play in the tent. Most often, your daughter will have plenty of ideas of her own, but wise parents have a few suggestions ready for those "I'm bored and can't think of anything to do" days. These activities can involve materials you already have at home or find in your yard woven together with make-believe for playtime. A princess, for example, might mix flower petals and butterfly wings to create a magic potion to toss on a tent rug and turn it into a flying carpet.
    • Stock the tent with a few play items keyed to your child's preferences. Provide for games with friends and siblings and private time. For instance, if your child likes to read, include a selection of storybooks along with a flashlight. You can darken the surrounding room, and teach her how to make shadow puppets on the tent walls.

    Package Included:

    • 1 x Environmental Ball Hampers Kids Play Tent

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Victor Rivera

Bought this item on


Love this
00:00:00 06-27-2011
I love the tent, fits right in the corner of my two year olds room. It is also bright and does not look cheesy/cheap like some of the other tents. Its fits good with her modern room theme. It is also big enough to store some toys along the inside of the tent. My daughter still has not really gotten into playing in her room alone, so she doesn't get that much use out of the tent now, but mommy loves it!
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Daniel Shearer

Bought this item on


Great Fun for Girls Under 8
00:00:00 06-15-2011
My daughter (4) loves her princess castle, where she can "read" to her dolls, pretend to take naps, and more. The castle was relatively easy to put together and is larger than I expected. My daughter can easily fit with her two cousins (both age 5) and a few extra stuffed friends.
Was this review helpful?
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James Swift

Bought this item on


Hours of fun
00:00:00 06-09-2011
I bought this tent for my one year old son and he absolutely loves it. The floor of the tent makes a rustling noise when walked on and that adds to the fun for him. He runs in the front door and crawls out the back hole over and over again. It has two mesh openings for ventilation and my son likes to peek out of them. Makes for a good nap after playing with it! I'm going to buy the tunnel that connects to the opening on the back. I love this tent because it is easy to put up and take down and is very compact when disassembled. There are also no rough or sharp edges on which you can get hurt. So far it seems very durable and my son plays rough. As long as it holds out, it should provide years of fun. I definately give it a two thumbs up!
Was this review helpful?
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Ben Wong

Bought this item on


we love it
00:00:00 06-01-2011
ours is an older model which has 2 windows plus the zipper entry, and it came with the tunnel. it had been well used by the previous family, so i needed to do some simple machine sewing to reinforce the loops that the poles slip into, but other than that it has weathered very well. all of my son's friends love coming over to play in the tent and tunnel. even our cats enjoy getting in there when my son isn't around. sets up and collapses very easily. we've even brought the tunnel along with us on a trip to give our son someplace familiar to play in hotel rooms. a friend told me "i'm gonna skip gymboree, and just make an appointment to play with you" and your tent! i got the tent in early august, and my 2 yo son is still in it every day.
Was this review helpful?
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Jared House

Bought this item on


Every child needs a hidey place
00:00:00 05-24-2011
Kids love having a place to hide, and tents like this one let you provide a safe place to hide that you can still keep an eye on. It's not a terribly rugged unit, but for the intended age group is sufficient; just don't try to use it outdoors. It's best used on a carpeted surface in a family room or living room. <br/>I like the vent on the top- a good safety feature that keeps air flowing in- but you still want to keep a close eye on kids in ANY play structure, particularly the younger ones.
Was this review helpful?
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Randy Thatcher

Bought this item on


Fun and Durable
00:00:00 05-18-2011
This play tent exceeded our expectations. It is durable and easy to pack. It fits in a small pouch that is included. My daughter loves it and now "camps out" at night in the bedroom. It is much more solid than expected and is quite sturdy. Unending fun for my 4year old. But adults, take my word for it, it is not big enough for you to "camp" with your child unless you are under 4 feet. A wonderful buy.
Was this review helpful?
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Olson Design

Bought this item on


Really great tent...doubles as ball pitt
00:00:00 05-09-2011
I recently purchased a Hot Wheels tent that looked just like this but it had no bottom and the balls just rolled out underneath all 4 sides. I purchased this and it works wonderful for my 3 1/2 yr old and 2 year old as a ball pitt. I just keep the velcro side closed and they crawl in and out of the round hole. Then they can use as tent as well. Wonderful, easy to put up. No tools, no man needed !!! HA-HA !! Everyone with young kids should have one of these with balls in it.
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Blake McClintock

Bought this item on


My kids loved this one, but
00:00:00 05-02-2011
My husband just came home with this. I put it together myself and it was quite easy, the hard part was taming the kids while I did it. MY 3 1/2 and 1 1/2 year old love this. They love to crawl through the hole and my daughter insist on keeping the "curtains" open. They find it funny that mommy gets stuck in the hole. My son (1 1/2), we call him the destroyer, loves to jump on the tent. This is not reccomended because after only a few days, one of the prongs kind of bent and now the tent looks a bit lopsided. I also noticed that the prongs quickly went through two of the feet on the bottom. I was able to fix it with a couple of stitches. A great item for 3 yrs and up but not quite suitable for destructive 1 1/2 yr olds.
Was this review helpful?
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