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12.1" LED Netbook Intel N570-1.66GHz CPU 2GB HDD 160GB

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US $319.39
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Browse the web, check email, listen to music and enjoy a wide variety of portable functionality with the 12.1" LED Netbook Laptop, which features a light weight and compact design. Affordable and it allows you to work or play when you're on the move. Also it allows traveling professionals to get more accomplished. With its sleek curves and smooth lines, the LED netbook laptop offers superior style without sacrificing performance or mobility. You can also watch movies and listen to music with this Intel N570-1 netbook laptop. The highly portable HDD 160GB netbook laptop is everything you want in a mobile companion with easy Wi-Fi connectivity for on-the-go productivity, access to your favorite entertainment, and smooth video playback via the brightly colorful 12.1-inch screen. It can let you enjoy all the benefits of today's fast-moving digital world, putting you in touch with your favorite people, sites, networks and digital media in ways and places you never imagined.
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Product Description

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  • Specifications: 

    • Memory: 2GB
    • Hard Disk: 160GB
    • Screen Size: 12.1"
    • Widescreen: Yes
    • Resolution: 1280 x 800
    • Display Card: Intel GMA 3150
    • Keyboard: 14.1-inch standard keyboard
    • Network: 802.11B / G Wireless 10M/100M wired Ethernet ports
    • Interface: 3 x USB, 4 in 1 Card Reader, VGA Interface, Bluetooth module (optional)
    • Battery: 4400mAh 6 x cell lithium power (Power for 5 hours, depending on the specific use)


    • Easily functions in any connected environment with fast and complete connectivity
    • It is equipped with a large 12.1" display that allows users to easily view documents and webpages comfortably
    • Easy to use
    • Lightweight and compact


    Smart 12.1

    • Go anywhere in style with the LED netbook laptop
    • You can also watch movies and listen to music with this Intel N570-1 netbook laptop

    LED Netbook Laptop

    • A bright 12.1-inch widescreen display is designed to present websites without a lot of left-right scrolling
    • You'll be able to surf the Web, chat with friends, and upload on-the-go photos to blogs or social networking sites with this HDD 160GB netbook laptop

    HDD 160GB Netbook Laptop

    • The LED netbook laptop makes it easy to stay connected to your world almost anywhere you go

    Intel N570-1 Netbook Lapto

    • The virtually weightless design lets you travel light while keeping up with your blog, video chat, instant messenger, and e-mail so you never lose touch with your family and friends
    • With its sleek curves and smooth lines, the LED netbook laptop offers superior style without sacrificing performance or mobility

    How to clean a Netbook Laptop?

    Before attempting to clean your laptop, read the user's manual to learn what the recommended procedure is for cleaning your particular laptop. Most laptop manufacturers recommend thoroughly cleaning a laptop once a year, but frequent travelers may wish to clean their laptop more often. When cleaning a laptop computer, do not use any harsh cleaning agents or those which contain ammonia on any part of the laptop

    Dirt that can build up inside and on your laptop computer includes pet hair and dander, dust, cigarette ashes and residue. This dirt can damage your display, affect the performance of the fans and block or cause problems with I/O ports

    You'll need the following to clean your laptop computer:

    • Compressed Air
    • Cotton swabs
    • Cleaning solution
    • Soft cleaning cloth such as a cotton t-shirt


    • Use a soft damp cloth such as an old cotton t-shirt to clean the casing
    • Do not use a scratchy or abrasive cleaning cloth
    • Don't use harsh cleaning products
    • Never spray any cleaning solution directly onto the casing - spray onto a cloth first

    Cooling Vents:

    • Use a can of compressed air to clean the cooling vents
    • Be careful with the compressed air that you don't spray too hard and get liquid on the fan blades
    • Use cotton swabs to hold fans in place while you clean them
    • Spraying directly on the fan and making them spin could cause them to over spin

    I/O Ports:

    • After the vents are cleaned, move to the I/O Ports
    • Use cotton swabs to wipe away large pieces of dirt that have accumulated
    • Compressed air can be used as well to blow the rest of the dirt away
    • Just be careful to not blow dirt into the I/O Ports


    • Turn off the laptop before cleaning the display as you will dirt more easily on the screen
    • Always use a non-abrasive cloth such as a cotton t-shirt
    • Never use paper towels or tissues to clean your display
    • Do not use any ammonia-based cleaners on the display - they will leave a film
    • You can purchase monitor cleaning solutions in spray or pre-moistened wipes
    • Always spray on a cloth first then wipe the screen from left to right, top to bottom
    • You can make your own cleaning solution using isopropyl alcohol and water
    • Use one part water and one part isopropyl alcohol


    Smart 12.1

    • In order to keep your keyboard cleaner and prevent keys from sticking or malfunctioning, do your best to keep food and drink away from where you are working
    • Even if you don't spill something directly on the laptop keyboard, you will get residue on your fingers and transfer that to the keyboard
    • Compressed air can be used on the keyboard to get rid of dirt build-up
    • Read your User's Manual to learn if the keys can be removed for cleaning
    • Just be sure that you put the keys back in their proper place when you are done cleaning them
    • Cotton swabs are useful for cleaning in and around keys

    How to Clean a Laptop Screen?

    Everyone who uses a laptop has on one occasion or another been the victim of greasy-fingered pointers. Greasy-fingered pointers are those individuals who inadvertently touch the laptop screen when explaining a computer concept. They don't mean to dirty the screen and it is not a malicious action, but the results are always the same: a dirty, greasy laptop screen

    The solution is quick, easy and inexpensive. Don't waste money on store bought expensive laptop screen cleaning solutions. More than likely, the ingredients are already in the house sitting on a shelf in the cleaning supply cabinet. Here's how to create a cleaning solution for a dirty laptop screen:

    • Ingredients
    • Distilled water
    • Isopropyl alcohol
    • Small container
    • 2 Soft cloths

    The Laptop Screen Cleaning Process:

    • Mix the distilled water with the isopropyl alcohol. The trick to creating the solution is to mix equal parts of water and alcohol. Too much of either ingredient will not produce the desired results. Do not substitute plain tap water for distilled water. Tap water contains mineral deposits. Those very same mineral deposits will leave streaks and unwanted spots on the laptop screen when it dries

    LED Netbook Laptop

    • Dip one of the soft cloths into the alcohol and water solution. Wring out the excess liquid so that the cloth is damp. Avoid using a saturated cloth as the excess liquid can drip into unwanted areas of the laptop and may cause damage
    • Using the damp soft cloth, wipe the laptop screen. Use a gentle motion, as LCD screens don't take too kindly to hard scrubbing pressure
    • Once the screen is all wiped down with the solution, take the dry soft cloth to wipe off any excess liquid and dry the screen. Don't be tempted to use a paper towel or napkin as paper towels and napkins will leave remnants of paper particles on the laptop screen

    HDD 160GB Netbook Laptop

    • Store the remaining distilled water and alcohol solution in a container or spray bottle. Be sure to label it to avoid inadvertent mix-ups. A container holding a clear liquid can be mistaken for ammonia, water or bleach at first glance

    How to Choose Between a Laptop and Netbook?

    • A netbook typically is a smaller and lighter version of a laptop/notebook with a primary function of accessing the internet. Purchase a netbook if your main use is to read and write e-mail, chat online, or surf websites
    • Buy a netbook if you travel often or like to travel with a computing device. The size and weight will make the netbook more convenient for a mobile user
    • Do not buy a netbook if you prefer typing on standard keyboards. The typical netbook have keyboards much smaller than standard keyboards and medium sized laptops. On average, the netbook keyboards are 83% to 95% smaller than the desktop keyboards
    • Do not buy a netbook if you prefer viewing displays on monitors sizes of 14 inches or more. Typical netbook displays range from 10.2 inches to 7 inches. These sizes may be too small for many consumers
    • Do not buy a netbook if you want to run multiple applications at the same time. For example, if you want to open a MS word document, powerpoint, and several web browsers at the same time, the netbook performance may degrade. Netbook processors are typically less powerful than a mid-level laptop or desktop processor (for example, a computer with a Pentium 4 or Althon X2 processor)
    • Do not buy a netbook if you intend to play personal computer games. Online games will be more suitable for netbooks. PC games that were released with the last two years typically have stringent system requirements. A desktop or laptop built within the last two years will handle PC games better over a netbook
    • If shopping for a netbook, look for ones with hard disk drives. If you prefer storing documents on a hard drive, many netbooks will have large size drives of 120 GigaBytes (120 GB) or more. Some netbooks have no hard drives but will have memory storage in solid state circuit cards such as a Solid State Disk (SSD). Many SSDs are 16 GB or less. You can run out of storage space very quickly if you store multimedia files such as pictures or video. You will also have the same problem if you intend to install many software applications
    • Normally, netbooks do not come with optical (CD or DVD) drives. Do not buy a netbook if you would like to install software on the netbook or if you want to view movies from a CD or DVD. Even though it is possible to watch movies online or download software online, having a CD or DVD drive may be important if there is no network service for the netbook
    • Buy a laptop or notebook if you do not want to have the many disadvantages of the netbook described above
    • Purchase a laptop or notebook if the price difference is within one-hundred to two-hundred dollars. Netbooks are typically cheaper than laptops or notebooks. However, high quality and high performance laptops have come down in prices and the cost benefits of a netbook go away
    • A battery standard for the laptop or notebook (not the extended life battery) will not operate as long as a battery powering a netbook. A netbook uses processors, memory cards, and other components that use lower power over a laptop

    Package Included:

    • 1 x 12.1" LED Netbook with Intel N570-1.66GHz CPU 2GB 160GB HDD

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John H. Gardner

Bought this item on


good netbook for the value
00:00:00 05-11-2011
An excellent netbook for the value. <br/>The only thing that could improve is the audio quality. <br/>I bought an external speaker to enhance the audio quality.
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Carole Van Camp

Bought this item on


good netbook cheap and durable
00:00:00 05-09-2011
Its a good basic netbook with not that many bloatware. It has a nice grip surface so gloss and fingerprints is not a concern. It comes with win 7 starters which is kind of s bummer and you'll have to upgrade to win 7 home to add an external disc drive. But for under 300 its a great value. Don't expect to play too many games on it or run too many programs the cpu is a little slow. Be sure to upgrade the RAM to 2gb.
Was this review helpful?
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Robbin Gouldc

Bought this item on


00:00:00 05-06-2011
I did a lot of home work on a lot of Netbooks and this Toshiba came out on top. So when it came time to purchase this netbook I found and received the lowest price. Now that I have had a chance to use and play with my new netbook I know I made the right choice and I couldn't be more pleased
Was this review helpful?
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Bought this item on


Great laptop for travel
00:00:00 05-02-2011
I love this laptop. It is tiny, light-weight and great for on the plane and in hotels. I travel for school a lot and was looking for something compact and light. The only complaint I have is it only comes with Windows 7 starter, which I think is asinine. So far no problems, the color is cute and it runs good.
Was this review helpful?
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Robbin Gouldc

Bought this item on


00:00:00 04-29-2011
Bought this for my wife and her travels for the summer. I got it with 1 gb of RAM. Definitely go with 2gb module. We ended up ordering it right away. I took out as much of the Toshiba built in software as I thought I could get away with. Removed the Norton and put on Microsoft Security Essentials. My wife chose it for the touch pad which supports multi-touch natively.
Was this review helpful?
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James Duran

Bought this item on


Just as expected!
00:00:00 04-25-2011
This netbook is just what I had hoped it would be. It was a gift for my wife who found my laptop heavy to handle--she is thouroughly pleased with the speed and capability of the Toshiba NB505. And it also got a top rating from Consumer Reports magazine. All in all--we're very happy!
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Breonna Somervelle

Bought this item on


Cute Netbook - You'll Love It
00:00:00 04-19-2011
The color is just awesome and the rubber gripping material is a great idea. The notebook is perfect for internet browsing, email and etc. The screen is very clear and the speed is pretty good too. I upgraded to Windows 7 Home Premium and installed 2GB of memory. Toshiba makes good laptop computers.
Was this review helpful?
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Dena Connell

Bought this item on


Perfect travel companion
00:00:00 04-12-2011
I had an Asus Eeee for two years, but its keyboard was not full size and the hard drive not large enough. For academic work "on the road" and for international travel, I am finding the Toshiba Mini 505-N508 perfect. It has worked like a charm, connecting to international wireless, fast enough to process documents, pictures and YouTube videos. Screen size and clarity are very good. Plenty of space on the hard drive, though I use an external HD when I travel. Would highly recommend this netbook for its portability, full-size keyboard, and the Toshiba reliability. I have loaded it with the latest version of Office and it works like a charm. Just one little drawback: I can't change the blue desktop picture -- a quirk of Windows 7, I think.
Was this review helpful?
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