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12.1" LED Netbook Laptop Intel N570 1.66GHz CPU-2GB HDD 320GB

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US $1054.48
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Are you going to buy a laptop? This 12.1" LED Netbook Laptop Intel N570 1.66GHz CPU-2GB HDD 320GB is a great choice for you. All the devices of this LED Netbook are highly qualified. The virtually weightless designer of this LED Netbook lets you travel light while keeping up with your blog, video chat, instant messenger, and e-mail so you never lose touch with your family and friends. You'll be able to surf the Web, chat with friends, and upload on-the-go photos to blogs or social networking sites with this LED Netbook Laptop. Go anywhere in style with the 12inch Netbook. Wholesale Netbook at, you will get the best price.
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  • Specifications:

    • Color: White
    • CPU: Intel N450 1.66Ghz
    • Main Board: Intel NM10 High-speed chip
    • Memory: 2GB DDR2
    • Hard Disk Drive: TOSHIBA HDD 320GB
    • Screen: 12.1" TFT LCD
    • Resolution: 1280 x 800 pixels
    • Interface: 3 USB ports; 4 in 1 card reader; VGA; bluetooth(optional); 3G(optional)
    • Display Card: Intel GMA 315
    • Battery: 4400mAh lion-Battery
    • Network: 802.11B / G Wireless 10M/100M wired Ethernet ports
    • Keyboard: 14.1" standard
    • Working Time: Approx. 5hours(according to the situation)
    • Brand: Other Brand
    • Made in Asia
    • Enjoy more perks with increased portability
    • All the devices of this LED Netbook are highly qualified
    • The virtually weightless designer of this LED Netbook lets you travel light
    • This LED Netbook is so light and portable you can take it wherever your day takes you
    • You'll be able to surf the Web, chat with friends, and upload on-the-go photos to blogs or social networking sites with this LED Netbook Laptop
    • Go anywhere in style with the 12inch Netbook
    • Wholesale Netbook at, you will get the best price


    Smart 12.1

    • This is a 12.1" LED Netbook with Intel N450 1.66GHz CPU-2GB 320GB-HDD

    LED Netbook

    • Plus amazing features like sleek designs, a convenient full sized keyboard and HDD protection to protect your precious data

    12inch Netbook

    • Conferencing with family and friends, you can take this LED Netbook easily and pull it out anywhere to check your messages, send an email or just browse the web

    Ultrathin Netbook

    • Intel N450 LED Netbook gives you a limitless digital lifestyle, It is ideal for business people on the go, students, children and home users

    Netbook in Daily Life:


    Notebook Computer:

    Smart 12.1

    Difference Between Netbook and Notebook

    • Netbooks are lightweight and fast mini-computers that are fast cutting through the laptop computer market share. Notebooks or laptops are your quintessential portable computers, which provide all the features of a desktop computer with the added luxury of portability. Let us compare netbook and notebooks, according to design considerations and utility factors

    Size, Weight & Battery Life

    • Netbooks are a lot more lighter and smaller than notebooks, which is a big advantage for users who are tired of carrying heavy laptop bags. With a screen size of up to or less than 11" and a weight lesser than half the weight of a 17" laptop, netbooks are easier to carry.
    • Netbooks have an edge over a laptop when it comes to battery life, which is substantially longer for a netbook as compared to a notebook. Low power consumption due to absence of an optical drive and a smaller screen, contribute to an increased battery life. To sum up, when it comes to size, weight and battery life comparison, netbook is the clear winner in the netbook debate.

    Speed & Functionality

    • Netbook is basically designed for net based applications and therefore it has a processor with a comparatively low clocking speed, compared to a notebook. The RAM offered in a netbook is therefore lower than that offered in a notebook. It is not designed for multitasking but for Internet browsing and basic data processing. Hard drive space offered by netbooks is substantial (close to 160 GB) which makes them excellent data storage devices too.
    • If one plans to use multimedia to watch movies and play games, netbook is not the portable computer you are looking for. It is ill equipped for such applications. It is designed for net based applications like browsing, email and spreadsheet calculations. They are excellent computers for learning purposes in schools and colleges, but they are not your complete computing solution. When it comes to speed and multitasking, a notebook computer is a hands down winner.


    • If you have a look at netbook costs, you will find that they cost less than half of high end notebooks. The cost factor is a major USP for netbooks and that has made it popular among users who need basic computing power. People who need a no frills basic computing machine, will opt for a netbook over a notebook


    • Netbooks cannot be used as a substitute for notebooks, but as an added accessory. A netbook with a high battery life comes in handy, when you are on the move and just need internet connectivity for work, without any high multitasking demands. It is an ultra portable device compared to a notebook.
    • It is ideal for students in school and high schools as study aids. A netbook is computing power, stripped down to its bare essentials, offered at a very economical price. For high multitasking demands, gaming and high end computing power, notebooks remain the ultimate choice.

    About Netbook:

    • Netbooks are a category of small, lightweight, and inexpensive laptop computers
    • At their inception in late 2007 - as smaller notebooks optimized for low weight and low cost - netbooks omitted certain features (e.g., the optical drive), featured smaller screens and keyboards, and offered reduced specification and computing power. Over the course of their evolution, netbooks have ranged in size from below 5" screen diagonal to 12". A typical weight is 1 kg (2-3 pounds). Often significantly less expensive than other laptops, by mid-2009, some wireless data carriers began to offer netbooks to users "free of charge", with an extended service contract purchase
    • In the short period since their appearance, netbooks have grown in size and features, now converging with new smaller, lighter notebooks. By August 2009, when comparing a netbook to a  notebook, CNET called netbooks "nothing more than smaller, cheaper notebooks," noting, "the specs are so similar that the average shopper would likely be confused as to why one is better than the other," and "the only conclusion is that there really is no distinction between the devices.".Netbooks now typically use Windows 7 Starter which  sells at a lower price but restricts to lower spec hardware

    How to Choose Between a Laptop and Netbook:

    LED Netbook

    • A netbook typically is a smaller and lighter version of a laptop/notebook with a primary function of accessing the internet. Purchase a netbook if your main use is to read and write e-mail, chat online, or surf websites
    • Buy a netbook if you travel often or like to travel with a computing device. The size and weight will make the netbook more convenient for a mobile user
    • Do not buy a netbook if you prefer typing on standard keyboards. The typical netbook have keyboards much smaller than standard keyboards and medium sized laptops. On average, the netbook keyboards are 83% to 95% smaller than the desktop keyboards
    • Do not buy a netbook if you prefer viewing displays on monitors sizes of 14 inches or more. Typical netbook displays range from 10.2 inches to 7 inches. These sizes may be too small for many consumers
    • Do not buy a netbook if you want to run multiple applications at the same time. For example, if you want to open a MS word document, powerpoint, and several web browsers at the same time, the netbook performance may degrade. Netbook processors are typically less powerful than a mid-level laptop or desktop processor (for example, a computer with a Pentium 4 or Althon X2 processor)
    • Do not buy a netbook if you intend to play personal computer games. Online games will be more suitable for netbooks. PC games that were released with the last two years typically have stringent system requirements. A desktop or laptop built within the last two years will handle PC games better over a netbook
    • If shopping for a netbook, look for ones with hard disk drives. If you prefer storing documents on a hard drive, many netbooks will have large size drives of 120 GigaBytes (120 GB) or more. Some netbooks have no hard drives but will have memory storage in solid state circuit cards such as a Solid State Disk (SSD). Many SSDs are 16 GB or less. You can run out of storage space very quickly if you store multimedia files such as pictures or video. You will also have the same problem if you intend to install many software applications
    • Normally, netbooks do not come with optical (CD or DVD) drives. Do not buy a netbook if you would like to install software on the netbook or if you want to view movies from a CD or DVD. Even though it is possible to watch movies online or download software online, having a CD or DVD drive may be important if there is no network service for the netbook
    • Buy a laptop or notebook if you do not want to have the many disadvantages of the netbook described above
    • Purchase a laptop or notebook if the price difference is within one-hundred to two-hundred dollars. Netbooks are typically cheaper than laptops or notebooks. However, high quality and high performance laptops have come down in prices and the cost benefits of a netbook go away
    • A battery standard for the laptop or notebook (not the extended life battery) will not operate as long as a battery powering a netbook. A netbook uses processors, memory cards, and other components that use lower power over a laptop

    How to Take Care Of Your Netbook:

    • The first thing I suggest is to regularly dust off your device and wipe it down with a paper towel and water. Just make sure to be careful around the keys
    • Next, I'd buy a enclosure for your netbook if you do a lot of travelling. It will keep it protected from damage. Netbooks come in a few sizes so make sure your enclosure will work prior to buying it
    • On the inside, make sure to keep your operatin system in prime shape. If you have Windows, make sure to run disk checks and defrags periodically
    • Also, make sure your hard drive does not reach its maximum. Netbooks have smaller hard drives so be aware of this
    • Make sure to test all of its USB drives, the VGA/HDMI port, the network cable port (NIC card), wifi, webcam, and another other auxiliary component. You never know when you might have to use one of these

    Netbooks in Education:

    • Netbooks are a growing trend in education for several reasons. The need to prepare children for 21st century lifestyles, combined with hundreds of new educational tools that can be found online, and a growing emphasis on student centered learning are three of the biggest contributing factors to the rising use of Netbook technology in schools. were one of the first to mass produce a ruggedised netbook for the education sector, by having a rubber outlay, touchscreen and network activity light to show the teacher the netbook is online
    • Netbooks offer several distinct advantages in educational settings. First, their compact size and weight make for an easy fit in student work areas. Similarly, the small size make Netbooks easier to transport than heavier, larger sized traditional laptops. In addition, prices ranging from $200-$600 dollars mean the affordability of Netbooks can be a relief to school budget makers. Despite the small size and price, Netbooks are fully capable of accomplishing most school-related tasks, including word processing, power point presentations, access to the Internet, multimedia playback, and photo management

    Uses in the Classroom:

    12inch Netbook

    • Netbooks have the potential to change the way students and teachers interact, and have many practical applications in the classroom setting. One major implication of netbooks in schools is cloud computing. Cloud computing eliminates many of the technology related headaches that we have become accustomed to, including incompatibility between home computers and school computers, "data loss" due to computer crash, and printer failure. Virtually all Netbooks have wireless Internet connections, allowing complete access to free online applications and servers. Online conversations and projects can be completed when students are neither working at the same time, or place


    Ultrathin Netbook

    • The netbook is often used at the coffee table. While the coffee gets served, you better close the lid to guard against damaging spills. When you re-open, you don't want to re-enter a password. Also, while you are downloading you might want to close the lid without the system shutting down. Closing the lid will always turn off the screen, independent from software settings, to avoid overheating and to save energy
    • When you go to the toilet, press the power button and choose Standby, so your colleagues can't sneak into your email, and you save battery power and can resume working immediately after pressing any button
    • Windows or Home buttonRemember you can also lock access to your computer by pressing the Windows or Home button on your keyboard (normally left of the space-bar next to Alt) + L
    • When you go for lunch but want to resume afterwards, press the sleep button and your computer hibernates, preserving all the open windows as before
    • Having all options available under the power button allows you to restart even if the touchpad or keyboard doesn't work (not both together). Turn off your computer before you go to sleep while recharging the battery for the next day
    • High screen brightness strains your eyes a lot more. Turn the screen brightness as low as you can, ensuring minimal necessary contrast depending on the ambient lighting. Normally indoors you can set it to minimum. You should find it as a keyboard shortcut



    • Respect and protect your social life. Being able to take your netbook anywhere can enhance OR ruin your social life. To watch the photos you made on a day trip together with friends is much nicer than just sending them by email the next day or viewing them on the small display of a camera. On the other hand, if you are going to the park and the netbook keeps you from playing baseball with your kids, your spouse might start to regret that they ever bought you the damn thing. It's a bit like internet, you can use it or abuse it
    • If used for an extensive amount of time a computer screen can strain your eyes. You definitely should set a minimum font size as described above and avoid extensive use of any computer screen, big or small. The ideal minimum distance for a note- or netbook screen can be measured by taking the sides of the screen with your hands and then stretching your arms. This way you can also reach the keyboard well
    • Take short, frequent breaks to relieve your eyes and stretch your legs (2-3 minutes every 15-20 minutes)

    Package Included:

    • 1 x 12.1" LED Netbook with Intel N450 1.66GHz CPU-2GB 320GB-HDD

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from (Athens Greece)

Bought this item on


Great product. It's a pitty that the price rised
16:41:00 01-19-2012
Great value for money product. The specs are fantastic. It's ultra portable and the screen and keyboard are "normal" sized.

The battery lasts 2 hours at most. The price was increased since my purchase.

I take the laptop at the university. It's great for that. I also use it as a desktop replacement for the light work that I have to do.

20 Dino Point ™ gained for this post
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Cindy Viviana Rivera

Bought this item on


light and small
00:00:00 10-28-2010
The netbook is so light and small that it fits almost everywhere. I suppose at some point all of these netbooks, pad/slate/touchscreen tablet, and iphone gadget things will all be combined into one grand, mighty widget, but for now I would highly recommend this mini to anyone in need of a tablet.
Was this review helpful?
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Brandon Stetner

Bought this item on


00:00:00 10-12-2010
I am satisfied with it being a netbook, and would recommend it to anybody shopping around for one.
Was this review helpful?
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houssam barakat

Bought this item on


Does it's job well
00:00:00 09-21-2010
Does it's job well, considering that it is, by design, a small, lightweight, portable, but low powered mini computer.
Was this review helpful?
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Darryl McKinney

Bought this item on


Great netbook
00:00:00 08-25-2010
After using this netbook for quite a while, I can confidently say it meets every single one of my expectations. The computer is fantastic for using the internet and working on documents.
Was this review helpful?
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Tara Robertson

Bought this item on


Very Happy With My Netbook
00:00:00 08-24-2010
I have a friend who just bought a huge, and I do mean huge, laptop and she actually groans when she picks it up in the case
Was this review helpful?
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Melissa Goupil

Bought this item on


Solid Netbook
00:00:00 08-24-2010
I would definitely recommend this netbook, and based on what else I saw out there right now, this is definitely my favorite.
Was this review helpful?
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Juande Perea Casado

Bought this item on


really great
00:00:00 07-14-2010
It's really great when going through security at the airport because they don't make you remove it from the bag when you carry it on. The keyboard is a comfortable size with a good feel.
Was this review helpful?
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Javier Romero

Bought this item on


my expectations
00:00:00 04-07-2010
This netbook exceeded my expectations. It's fast, light, easy to use and completely replaces my full size notebook on the road.
Was this review helpful?
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