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OLI RFCZ-9999 Rechargeable Pet Dog Electric Hair Trimmer Clipper (110V~240V)

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US $30.99
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  • This Pet Electric Hair Clipper is streamline designed and easy to handle.
  • Three modules included for different use.
Don't hesitate to get this superb Pet Grooming Clipper! This is a PAOLI Pet Electric Hair Clipper. Very easy to use. Plug and play. Streamline design and easy to handle. The Pet Grooming Clipper has three modules for different use. It is well made, packaged, streamlined fuselage, any angle can easily shaving, holding a comfortable, simple, randomly presented three templates, two fixed-length control device can effectively prevent stuck into the gross amount of the blade to facilitate your dog's hair length, thickness according to an ensemble, one for intensive modules, generally forming dog's hair, may use this module refinement, so for any length of hair of the dog weight, even if you do not have any experience in operation can also be easily used in combination, and to choose the best for your pet to use the module. The Pet Trimmer take advantage of the imported motor-driven blades, ceramic blade, with noise, low temperature rise, continuous discharge characteristics of long working hours. Adjustable protection knife can cut 3/6/9/12MM size. The Pet Grooming Clipper works on all types of dog and cat hair. This Dog Grooming Clipper will be a perfect gift for your pets.
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BaoLi OLI RFCZ-9999 Rechargeable Pet Dog Electric Hair Trimmer Clipper (110V~240V)
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Product Description

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  • Specifications:

    • Material: ABS
    • Voltage: 110v-240v/50Hz-60Hz
    • Power Supply: A - built-in battery; B - stabilized voltage supply
    • Charging Time: 8 hours
    • Cable Length: 1000mm/39.4in
    • Size: Approx. 150 x 42 x 30mm/5.9 x 1.7 x 1.2in (L x W x Dia.)
    • Module 1-Length control; Module 2-Dense hair cutting, Module 3-Precision cutting
    • Very easy to use
    • Plug and play
    • Streamline design and easy to handle
    • Ceramic knife
    • After full Charging, it could be used for about 90 minutes continuously
    • The pet grooming clipper features high quality material and can use for a long time
    • This dog grooming clipper has powerful electro-magnetic motor
    • Senior motor, running quiet, increase intimacy when the dog clipper using
    • Features a sturdy, comfortable handle of the dog clipper
    • This pet grooming clipper is a great ideal for light duty clipping and trimming


    BaoLi OLI RFCZ-9999 Rechargeable Pet Dog Electric Hair Trimmer Clipper (110V~240V)

    • The all in one pet grooming clipper is a powerful, compact tool equipped

    Pet Grooming Clipper

    • PAOLI Pet Grooming Clipper is high-powered, pivot-motor pet clipper perfect for trimming around the face and ears

    Pet Trimmer

    • It is well made, packaged, streamlined fuselage, any angle can easily shaving, holding a comfortable, simple

    Dog Grooming Clippe

    • The all in one dog grooming clipper is a powerful, compact tool equipped with an adjustable stainless steel blade and smooth-running maintenance-free rotary motor

    BaoLi OLI RFCZ-9999 Rechargeable Pet Dog Electric Hair Trimmer Clipper (110V~240V)

    • It's directly applicable for AC supply charge through the transformer

    Pet Grooming Clipper

    • The Pet Trimmer adopts the high-hardness hair clipper blade

    Pet Trimmer

    • The Pet Grooming Clipper prevents stuck into the gross amount of the blade to facilitate your dog's hair length, thickness according to an ensemble

    Dog Grooming Clippe

    • This pet grooming clipper will be a perfect gift for your pets

    BaoLi OLI RFCZ-9999 Rechargeable Pet Dog Electric Hair Trimmer Clipper (110V~240V)

    • Adjustable protection knife can cut 3/6/9/12MM size

    Pet Grooming Clipper

    • Works on all types of dog and cat hair

    Size in Detail:

    Pet Trimmer

    More TIPS about grooming details

    Dog Grooming Clippe
    BaoLi OLI RFCZ-9999 Rechargeable Pet Dog Electric Hair Trimmer Clipper (110V~240V)

    How to Groom a Dog Using Clippers?

    Pet Grooming Clipper

    Grooming your own dog can be rewarding and save you money. Using clippers to cut the dog's fur is a simple way to give them a new look. Many dog breeds need to be groomed regularly to keep fur from becoming tangled and eventually matted. Dog owners enjoy the easy maintenance of a dog with a clipped coat. A clipped haircut can also be helpful to keep a dog cool during the hot summer months.

    Pet Trimmer

    Dog Grooming Clippe

    • Use a slicker brush to thoroughly brush the dog and remove any knots from the fur. This will allow the clippers to move easily through the hair.
    • Bathe the dog to remove any dirt or debris from the coat. Thoroughly dry the dog and brush the hair to remove any tangles that may have formed from its bath.
    • Choose the guard size you want to use and attach it to the clippers. The number on the guard will let you know the length of the hair that will be left on the dog.
    • Take the clippers and begin cutting the hair at the base of the neck, moving toward the tail. Keep the clippers flat against the skin for an even cut.
    • Cut alongside the previous cut from the neck toward the tail. Continue cutting the hair on the dog's back and sides until the coat is even.
    • Place the clippers at the shoulders pointing toward the dog's feet. Move the clippers in a downward motion to clip the hair on the leg. Repeat the steps until all of the hair on the leg is cut.
    • Clip the hair on the remaining front leg. Start at the hip area and move in a downward motion to trim the hair on the back legs.
    • Hold the dog up by holding its front legs in your hand. The dog should be standing on its back legs.
    • Trim the hair on the dog's stomach by clipping from the chest, along the stomach, toward the tail.
    • Lift the tail and trim the area around the anus. Be sure not to touch the anus with the clippers.
    • Trim the hair on the dog's head, being cautious of the dog's eyes. Trim the ears by placing the clippers at the top of them and moving toward the end.

    Dog Grooming Clipping Tips

    BaoLi OLI RFCZ-9999 Rechargeable Pet Dog Electric Hair Trimmer Clipper (110V~240V)

    Long-haired dogs such as cocker spaniels, Maltese and poodles come with the added complication of hair that continues to grow throughout their lifetime. This makes it necessary to give these dogs grooming that goes above and beyond simple bathing. A large part of this grooming is clipping away excess hair to keep the dog clean and cool. Although there are professional groomers to take care of this, they can be expensive. Many people choose to learn how to shave dogs for themselves to avoid this expense.

    • Start Early

      Pet Grooming Clipper
    • It's important to start clipping puppies early so that they get used to the sound and feel. Clippers can be loud, and the fact that they run along a dog's body can be intimidating and shocking to dogs. Like any training, it's easiest and safest to introduce them to this and get them used to it when they're young, small and docile. Sometimes it's easier to take very young puppies to a professional groomer so that they learn about clipping, and then take over the chore when they're older.
    • Choose Clippers Wisely

      Pet Trimmer
    • Clippers have a wide variety of blade sizes. These blades are numbered and cut hair to different lengths. They are also unique in their ability to deal with longer hair, and in their efficiency against coat textures. Some blades will do well with the long, silky hair of a Maltese but be useless against the short, fuzzy coat of a poodle.
    • Prepare the Dog

      Dog Grooming Clippe
    • Dogs should be freshly washed and dry for clipping. It's also a good idea to comb out the dog's hair. Clean, tangle-free hair will make the clipping faster and more painless. Anyone clipping a dog should decide on the cut they're giving before they start. Different breeds of dog have different cuts that are breed standard and ideal for that particular dog. Deciding on this ahead of time makes the clipping session easier and faster.
    • Clip the Dog

      BaoLi OLI RFCZ-9999 Rechargeable Pet Dog Electric Hair Trimmer Clipper (110V~240V)
    • Clipping should start where the hair is thinner, like the chin and face, to ease the dog back into the feel of the clippers. The groomer then moves on to the body and legs. Clippers are run against the hair growth for efficient clipping. They are moved in long, slow strokes. During a clipping session, dogs are given frequent breaks in action. This keeps the dog comfortable and gives clippers a chance to cool off.

    How to Choose a Dog Grooming Clipper?

    Pet Grooming Clipper

    Dog grooming can be easy and painless for both you and your pet with the right clippers. A quality pair of clippers will last through years of grooming and cut fur quickly and efficiently. Clippers are available in all different price ranges, features and styles. Choosing the right one for your dog takes a little research. Here is a guide to help you select the clipper that meets your needs.

    Pet Trimmer

    • Decide if you need the clipper for touch-up trims in between professional cuts or for full grooming. Will you be your pet's groomer? Dogs with short or thin fur are easy to groom at home. Dogs with thick or curly fur are best groomed by professionals. A dog who is extremely fearful of grooming may accept grooming from an owner better than a stranger. If you plan to groom your pet exclusively, you need a professional clipper with more speeds and features. Basic clippers with one speed work well for dog owners who will only trim the dog's fur occasionally in between grooming visits.

    Dog Grooming Clippe

    • Learn about dog clippers. Look up dog clipper information on-line and in pet supply catalog to find out features and price ranges. Go to the library and glance through dog care books for any information on clippers. Don't rely on product descriptions alone. Read product reviews on-line to get a true feel for clipper quality and performance. Once you understand the range of products available, you can make an informed decision and avoid overpaying or purchasing an unsuitable clipper.
    • Get an expert recommendation. Ask your dog's veterinarian or groomer to recommend a clipper. Some veterinarians and groomers recommend certain brands for strong reasons. When you receive a recommendation, ask the expert what makes the clipper better than other types. Be sure to let the expert know how often you will use the clipper. She might recommend a basic clipper and a professional clipper based on your needs.

    BaoLi OLI RFCZ-9999 Rechargeable Pet Dog Electric Hair Trimmer Clipper (110V~240V)

    • Make a decision about clipper speed. Do you need one speed or two speeds? A single speed is generally enough for thin and normal fur. A single speed clipper can work for most grooming needs. Thick fur generally needs a higher clipping speed. You may also want a dual speed clipper if you groom your dog frequently.
    • Determine ease of use. Is the clipper user-friendly? You want to consider blade removal and attachment, the shape, available speed, clipping performance, sturdiness, maintenance and heating issues. Choose a clipper with an ergonomic shape to fit your hand without straining your wrist, elbow and arm. Look for clippers that have an easy way to remove and attach blades. You want a clipper that is easy to maintain and will not get too hot in your hand during clipping. Make sure the clipper is sturdy and will not break easily if you accidentally drop it. Product reviews are good places to look for information on a clipper's performance and quality.

    Pet Grooming Clipper

    • Think about noise level. Will a loud clipper annoy you and scare your dog? Quality clippers generally feature quiet, fast motors. Look for clippers with quiet motors to keep your dog comfortable during grooming.
    • Consider clipper maintenance issues such as overheating and oiling. Some clippers overheat easily. These clippers often have fans and air vents to cool down the engine. The air vents easily get clogged with fur during grooming causing overheating. When overheating occurs, you have to pause the grooming in order to clean the fur out of the air vents. Then you must spray coolant on the blade to prevent burning your dog or yourself. Once the clipper and blades cool off, you can resume grooming. This can add time to the grooming process. A professional clipper with a cool running unit will save time and frustration. The cool running unit prevents the clipper from overheating and does not require coolant sprays.A basic clipper might require you to periodically dismantle and oil internal parts. Maintenance-free clippers were lubricated in the factory and do not require dismantling and oil applications. Only the detachable blades should require oil for cleaning and lubrication.
    • Take cords into consideration. Do you prefer cordless clippers? Cordless clippers make sense if you will be grooming your dog in an area that is far from an electrical outlet. Cordless clippers are also more portable.

    Pet Trimmer

    • Determine how much you want to spend on a clipper. Quality clippers generally range in price from $40 to $200, depending on the speeds and features. The amount you spend depends upon your need. Buy the basic clipper if you are only trimming the dog between professional groomings. You will have to spend more for professional clippers. Shop around for the best deals.
    • Learn the proper way to groom your dog. If you decide to groom your own pet, learn the best methods to take care of his fur type and the correct way to operate clippers and use grooming tools. Read a dog care book on grooming and ask your dog's veterinarian for tips. Knowledge of the correct grooming process can make grooming your dog a comfortable and rewarding experience.

    Package Included:

    • 1 x Hair Clipper
    • 1 x Power Supply
    • 1 x Brush
    • 1 x Oil
    • 1 x Module 1
    • 1 x Module 2
    • 1 x Module 3
    • 1 x User Manual

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from (Brisbane, Australia)

Bought this item on


Yes, "pet dog" hair clipper
18:56:28 03-20-2012
Light to carry/hold Retains charge quite some time Good for mildly disabled and I guess eldery people.

Can't operate in narrow areas (eg underarms). Not as close a shave as straight/safety razor, but if having difficulties with things it's close enough!

I use it to shave my legs, which is very handy if you have balance issues that make shaving your legs in the shower an issue

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from (Sao Caetano do Sul, SP)

Bought this item on


Excelent deal for CAT's
16:49:28 08-24-2011
I bought this device to shear my Persian cats, and it really works, I did a complete clipping, shearing hygienic but was completely satisfactory, I believe that if I want to do a complete clipping will not have problems, I recommend to everyone who has cats.
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