Clearance Center - Clearance Center - DinoDirect en-US DinoDirect tattoo ink pigment 7bottles 20ml Fri, 07 May 2010 18:05:42 GMT tattoo ink pigment 7bottles 20ml <img src="" /><br /><br /> <span>Original Price: US$ 19.54</span><br /> <span><strong><strong>Current Price: US$ 17.39 (Saving 89 OFF) </strong></strong></span><br /><br /> <span><strong><strong>Description:</strong></strong></span><br /> <span> Have you ever so envy someone who tattoos him or herself in colors and looks so special and unique at some needy occasions or someone change his or her tattoos with different colors? We are so excited to recommend the tattoo inks to you. This superior tattoo ink colors set will give you seven most commonly used tattoo inks, which includes yellow, white, black, blue, green, purple and red. Made of high quality material, the tattoo pigment is security and convenient to use. Professional tattoo pigment formulates for long lasting colors. Smooth, safe, vivid rich, creamy, vibrant colors service you. Goes in smooth and stays in. This tattoo ink pigment won't let you down! Try it! </span> glasses reading pen case portable folding Fri, 02 Jul 2010 09:07:44 GMT glasses reading pen case portable folding <img src="" /><br /><br /> <span>Original Price: US$ 32.55</span><br /> <span><strong><strong>Current Price: US$ 26.69 (Saving 82 OFF) </strong></strong></span><br /><br /> <span><strong><strong>Description:</strong></strong></span><br /> <span> Eyesight will decrease with age. And it is really a suffering that old people can’t see clearly. But reading glasses can help them solve this problem. This small gadget is Pen Case Portable Folding Reading Glasses. It helps elder people to see clearer while reading. The frame is made of high quality material, which is solid and never deforms. The lenses are with good light transmission, bright and healthy to the eyes. This pair of folding reading glasses is of antifatigue and radiation protection. And it protects people’s eyes while helping them to see clear. This pair of folding reading glasses can be folded easily and you can put it into the case provided. It is portable that you can take it anytime and anywhere by simply putting in your pocket or purse. This pair of glasses is a good gift for the elder and it will be a good assistant for them. </span> tattoo machine high quality stainless steel Sat, 17 Jul 2010 12:07:15 GMT tattoo machine high quality stainless steel <img src="" /><br /><br /> <span>Original Price: US$ 11.24</span><br /> <span><strong><strong>Current Price: US$ 8.99 (Saving 80 OFF) </strong></strong></span><br /><br /> <span><strong><strong>Description:</strong></strong></span><br /> <span> This professional tattoo machine is characterized by enough intensity, crisp sound and fast speed. It has a solid stainless steel frame with unusual polished effect. Unusual and attractive design feels great in the hand. </span> tattoo machine stainless steel ld a217a Fri, 23 Jul 2010 21:07:19 GMT tattoo machine stainless steel ld a217a <img src="" /><br /><br /> <span>Original Price: US$ 9.38</span><br /> <span><strong><strong>Current Price: US$ 7.69 (Saving 82 OFF) </strong></strong></span><br /><br /> <span><strong><strong>Description:</strong></strong></span><br /> <span> The tattoo machine is made of high quality stainless steel. It's very professional and characterized by the intensity enough, the sound crisp, fast speed, and speed up to 30,000. It's a best choice for tattoo artists! </span> adult diapers antileak xlarge disposable Sat, 24 Jul 2010 11:07:00 GMT adult diapers antileak xlarge disposable <img src="" /><br /><br /> <span>Original Price: US$ 48.76</span><br /> <span><strong><strong>Current Price: US$ 39.98 (Saving 82 OFF) </strong></strong></span><br /><br /> <span><strong><strong>Description:</strong></strong></span><br /> <span> Urinary incontinence is an embarrassing medical condition affecting millions of men and women. This XLarge Antileak Reusable Adult Diapers can help you stay dry and retain your sense of dignity. A new transfer layer allows fluid to almost instantly enter the dual core and the Dry-Fast Dual Core technology wicks fluid away from the skin, trapping it into the lower core. Strategic placement of super-absorbent polymers improves fluid absorption where its most needed. </span> massager anticreepage foot spa Wed, 04 Aug 2010 01:08:12 GMT massager anticreepage foot spa <img src="" /><br /><br /> <span>Original Price: US$ 40.97</span><br /> <span><strong><strong>Current Price: US$ 37.69 (Saving 92 OFF) </strong></strong></span><br /><br /> <span><strong><strong>Description:</strong></strong></span><br /> <span> Do you want to relax while having a full legs/calves/foot massage! If so, we are strong recommend this Luxurious Anti-Creepage Foot Spa Massager can be used to massage your tired feet. Heating Foot Massager is a modern scientifically electric therapeutic device which can bring soothing, dulcet and relaxed effects to your nerve and muscle by improving the blood circulation of your feet. This Foot Leg Massager uses the newest technology designed special to massage and relax your feet, ankles and calves, you will feel as if you've been to the spa everyday - it's like having your own personal masseuse! This ingenious calf foot leg massager has an advanced reflexology and vibration system that kneads and deeply penetrates into leg muscles, so you will feel just like a professional massage. Heating Foot Massager can exercise your muscles, improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, beautify the skin and shape your figure. This lightweight, portable, convenient designed Foot Leg Massager can be taken wherever you want, and use the best foot massager at any time you wish. Now, with such an innovative design calf foot leg massager, you can rest, relax and enjoy yourself after a hard day's work. Come on, take it home! </span> lip gloss beauty shine Wed, 04 Aug 2010 06:08:03 GMT lip gloss beauty shine <img src="" /><br /><br /> <span>Original Price: US$ 27.72</span><br /> <span><strong><strong>Current Price: US$ 24.39 (Saving 88 OFF) </strong></strong></span><br /><br /> <span><strong><strong>Description:</strong></strong></span><br /> <span> Lip gloss adds power to your pout with brilliant shine. It is one of the essential cosmetics for women, to nourish and protect lip. Easy for application and it can show women's sexy and charming. </span> reading glasses slim vision rimless Thu, 12 Aug 2010 12:08:01 GMT reading glasses slim vision rimless <img src="" /><br /><br /> <span>Original Price: US$ 45.11</span><br /> <span><strong><strong>Current Price: US$ 36.99 (Saving 82 OFF) </strong></strong></span><br /><br /> <span><strong><strong>Description:</strong></strong></span><br /> <span> Classic Slim Vision Rimless Reading Glasses helps you to see clearer and protects your eyes while reading. The frame is made of high quality material, solid and never deforms. The lens is with good light transmission, bright and healthy to the eyes. It is perfect in your pocket, handbag, or travel kit. You are going to love how these lightweight metal frames reading glasses. It's also a good to your father and grandpa. </span> cosmetics case charpie leather lavie Wed, 18 Aug 2010 20:08:04 GMT cosmetics case charpie leather lavie <img src="" /><br /><br /> <span>Original Price: US$ 32.93</span><br /> <span><strong><strong>Current Price: US$ 27.99 (Saving 85 OFF) </strong></strong></span><br /><br /> <span><strong><strong>Description:</strong></strong></span><br /> <span> As we know, a makeup box can organize your cosmetic better and keep your makeup tidy and clean. Are you looking for a practical makeup box for yourself? If so, you have come to the right place. This well-made cosmetic organizer will meet all your needs. The makeup box is made of high quality charpie and leather material, which is durable and solid enough for your daily use. You can put your personal cosmetic in this box, and you will find how convenient the makeup box it is. With well-organized compartments, you can sort your cosmetic into different categories, and you can also find the item you want easily. Simple, modern design of the makeup kit is a nice decoration to your room. The size of the makeup box is neither too big nor small, so it does not take many spaces. You can organize your makeup in this convenient box, which is ideal choice for you to sort your cosmetic.This makeup box will not let you down. This is the one that you are looking for. What are you waiting for? Come and get it! </span> massage instrument utility Wed, 25 Aug 2010 09:08:05 GMT massage instrument utility <img src="" /><br /><br /> <span>Original Price: US$ 72.16</span><br /> <span><strong><strong>Current Price: US$ 66.39 (Saving 92 OFF) </strong></strong></span><br /><br /> <span><strong><strong>Description:</strong></strong></span><br /> <span> Tongluo blood, relax the muscles. On the fatigue caused by pain, chilblains, hemorrhoids can machine to illness. cosmetic molecules are subdivided into micro-molecules to facilitate penetration of nutrients and accelerate skin absorption. </span> beauty instrument skin hair test wanbang s080 Wed, 25 Aug 2010 09:08:24 GMT beauty instrument skin hair test wanbang s080 <img src="" /><br /><br /> <span>Original Price: US$ 24.62</span><br /> <span><strong><strong>Current Price: US$ 23.39 (Saving 95 OFF) </strong></strong></span><br /><br /> <span><strong><strong>Description:</strong></strong></span><br /> <span> Skin and hair analyzer beauty machine uses the most advanced photography techonlogy, multi-media photo compress technology, optics micro-magnification technology and so on. These series of skin and hair testing beauty machine are small in size, easy to install. They are attached with kinds of magnifying lens especially suitable for salon, family and personal use. </span> filter cigarette holder healthy metal plastic Mon, 06 Sep 2010 18:09:25 GMT filter cigarette holder healthy metal plastic <img src="" /><br /><br /> <span>Original Price: US$ 8.16</span><br /> <span><strong><strong>Current Price: US$ 6.69 (Saving 82 OFF) </strong></strong></span><br /><br /> <span><strong><strong>Description:</strong></strong></span><br /> <span> Do you want a useful filter holder? Here the Metal &amp;amp; Plastic Healthy Filter Cigarette Holder can satisfy your needs.This kind of filter holder can absorb many harmful ingredients of cigarette. This filter holder is a highly-quality smoke filter cigarette holder. Cigarette holder is exactly a healthy necessity for smoking man. The smoke filter holders will bring you and your family a healthy life. This cigarette holder could filter out tar and nicotine. Do not contain any harmful objects.Whether it's to simply keep your fingers from being plagued with nicotine stains or to add some pizazz to your smoking, one day you may decide to use a cigarette holder. </span> rotary tattoo machine nonoise super power aluminum alloy Sat, 30 Oct 2010 14:10:01 GMT rotary tattoo machine nonoise super power aluminum alloy <img src="" /><br /><br /> <span>Original Price: US$ 16.52</span><br /> <span><strong><strong>Current Price: US$ 15.69 (Saving 95 OFF) </strong></strong></span><br /><br /> <span><strong><strong>Description:</strong></strong></span><br /> <span> Do you want to own some professional Tattoo Machine for making your unique tattooes? This Professional Rotary Aluminum Tattoo Machine is just for you! The Rotary Super Tattoo Machine is powerful, light weight and noiseless, has simple and well designed super tattoo machine. This aluminum tattoo machine is new design provides the artist with a constant powerful swing spinning at 2,0000-25000RPM per a minute. The tattoo machine is practically light weight, while offering you a soundless environment to work in. </span> neck shoulder back massager Mon, 22 Nov 2010 18:11:16 GMT neck shoulder back massager <img src="" /><br /><br /> <span>Original Price: US$ 38.62</span><br /> <span><strong><strong>Current Price: US$ 36.69 (Saving 95 OFF) </strong></strong></span><br /><br /> <span><strong><strong>Description:</strong></strong></span><br /> <span> Are your neck and shoulders sore by the end of the day? Effective method to release the pain and aches of those hard-to-touch muscles in your neck, shoulders, back and legs with this Neck Shoulder Massager, your home professional massager! Neck Shoulder Massager is produced according to human physiology, combined with modern work and human's living habits which is a portable beat shoulder massage products. The Multifunctional Neck Massager imitates life-beat hand massage with advanced pattern, effects addition to the shoulders and back to alleviate pain, promotes blood circulation. The Neck Shoulder Back Massager contributes to all parts of the human body such as shoulders, back, waist, legs and other percussion massage, tapping diverse rhythms,helps to burn the unwanted fat. Neck Shoulder Massager is ideal for tight backs, sore legs, and exhausted shoulders. </span> nail dryer nail monkey blower ym 706 Thu, 21 Apr 2011 19:04:55 GMT nail dryer nail monkey blower ym 706 <img src="" /><br /><br /> <span>Original Price: US$ 9.37</span><br /> <span><strong><strong>Current Price: US$ 7.68 (Saving 82 OFF) </strong></strong></span><br /><br /> <span><strong><strong>Description:</strong></strong></span><br /> <span> Don't have enough patience to wait for your nails to dry? Afraid of that you will mess up your freshly painted nails and have to do it all over again? Now with our Nail Polish Dryer, your time and work will be saved! Usually it takes minutes to dry your nail polish. Now just simply press on the bananas plate button of the nail polish dryer, the monkey will blow cool air from under outlet and save a lot time and trouble. Nail polish dryer is essential to finish your manicure or pedicure and give you a professional, polished look.While helping you to keep your nails pristine, this Monkey Nail Dryer also brightens up your day with its unashamed cuteness too! What are you waiting for? </span> tattoo kit body art professional grip tips machine needle ink Mon, 23 May 2011 21:05:22 GMT tattoo kit body art professional grip tips machine needle ink <img src="" /><br /><br /> <span>Original Price: US$ 132.91</span><br /> <span><strong><strong>Current Price: US$ 108.99 (Saving 82 OFF) </strong></strong></span><br /><br /> <span><strong><strong>Description:</strong></strong></span><br /> <span> Has everything you will need to start a tattoo business! Perfect for Tattoo Salons or Private Use! With this powerful tattoo kit, you can have everything you need to start your business or upgrade your current equipments. One well quality hard case for all your storage. Practice skin included so that you can try on the handmade skin but not your clients. It is time to try this tattoo kit! </span> incontinence aids adult diaper elastic Wed, 29 Jun 2011 17:06:04 GMT incontinence aids adult diaper elastic <img src="" /><br /><br /> <span>Original Price: US$ 18.46</span><br /> <span><strong><strong>Current Price: US$ 15.69 (Saving 85 OFF) </strong></strong></span><br /><br /> <span><strong><strong>Description:</strong></strong></span><br /> <span> There are many products for adult incontinence and bedwetting. Disposables are available in most grocery stores and pharmacies. Many people consider Adult Cloth Diaper for adult use. It can be more convenient, cheaper and healthier in the long run. Now you have comfort and peace of mind with overnight incontinence protection. The washable Adult Cloth Diaper is one of the leading adult diaper and is known for their high quality and super absorbency. And this washable adult diaper has the feel of underwear while keeping you dry. The anti-leak washable adult diaper provides superior containment while the super absorbent core keeps skin dry and controls odor. The Best Adult Diaper amazing absorbency and leakage control keeps skin, clothing and linens dry easily. Users can sleep all through the night uninterrupted by garment changes without compromising skin safety. The Depends Adult Diaper allows for better skin care and added comfort. So it is the best choice for people who is incapable of self-care. </span> tattoo machine shader liner tattoo accessory sets body art x4 Fri, 29 Jul 2011 02:07:17 GMT tattoo machine shader liner tattoo accessory sets body art x4 <img src="" /><br /><br /> <span>Original Price: US$ 15.14</span><br /> <span><strong><strong>Current Price: US$ 14.38 (Saving 95 OFF) </strong></strong></span><br /><br /> <span><strong><strong>Description:</strong></strong></span><br /> <span> This is a Fashion Body Art Tattoo Machine, with perfect design, high performance. The Tattoo Machine will give you a good talking point to help built with performance in mind. Tattoo is common in our daily life. In order to attract attention, more young people make all kinds of tattoos. This Professional Tattoo Machine is made of high quality material. This Professional Tattoo Machine is ideal for regular tattoos as well as permanent make-up. Unique design, simple to use. </span> makeup case aluminium alloy womens square professional Fri, 23 Sep 2011 19:09:55 GMT makeup case aluminium alloy womens square professional <img src="" /><br /><br /> <span>Original Price: US$ 37.28</span><br /> <span><strong><strong>Current Price: US$ 31.69 (Saving 85 OFF) </strong></strong></span><br /><br /> <span><strong><strong>Description:</strong></strong></span><br /> <span> Are you looking for a makeup case to accommodate all your makeups? We would like to recommend you this makeup artist case. This handled women makeup case is an excellent way to pack all of your toiletries in a compact fashion, keeping them organized and preventing them from spilling and ruining your belongings. Made of aluminium alloy, the cosmetic case has high quality and you can use it for a long time. It features excellent workmanship and unique style. When you arrive at your destination, this cosmetic case enables you to access your toiletries with ease. Also, it is a great decoration on your dresser. The high-end portable cosmetic box has three tiers which are very convenient for you to put your toiletries. Without the hinges design, the whole high-grade makeup artist case is rather practical. Adding the butterfly and square style, the professional practical aluminium alloy women makeup is quite fashionable. Besides, the accessories include the handlebar, safety lock, two keys and aluminum alloy round angle. Of course, you can send the makeup case to you female friends a gift.Hurry up, take this makeup case home! You will be proud of your choice! The cosmetic case is waiting for you! </span> epilators women pen eyebrow Wed, 12 Oct 2011 14:10:58 GMT epilators women pen eyebrow <img src="" /><br /><br /> <span>Original Price: US$ 15.28</span><br /> <span><strong><strong>Current Price: US$ 12.99 (Saving 85 OFF) </strong></strong></span><br /><br /> <span><strong><strong>Description:</strong></strong></span><br /> <span> This eyebrow women epilator is very suitable for women. Eyebrow women epilator can safely remove the hair with less pain and irritation. Made of high quality aluminum and steel material and is convenient to carry. Women epilator has dry and wet two functions. Get long lasting results with this smooth and silky women epilator. </span>